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The IoT Evolution Expo is coming up fast, and we interviewed several of our speakers to get a bit of a preview of what to expect from their sessions. Here, we spoke to Randy Van Buren, Solutions Engineer, Nokia. He is currently focused on IoT service providers for cross-domain platforms spanning fixed, mobile, home, enterprise, and government. As a Distinguished Member of Technical Staff, he has been involved with the largest operators in North America for identity, device, and subscriber profiles and their relationships across network access methods. Likewise, as a Senior Member of IEEE he is committed to standardization groups, academic rigor, and educational sharing of lessons learned. Van Buren holds a Certified Software Engineering Professional designation in addition to an MSEE from Duke and Physics BS from Lipscomb. He will be panelist in the “5G General Session - Keeping Connected: From 5G to Zigbee” at the IoT Evolution Expo, which is taking place January 29 to February 1, 2019, in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. The other panelists will be Iisko Lappalainen, Head, Technical Marketing and Technical Field Operations, MontaVista Software, and Davitt Potter, Field CTO, Arrow Electronics. KEN BRIODAGH READ MORE