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As 2018 wraps, everyone in the Industrial IoT is getting focused on the possibilities for the industry coming in 2019. A few folks have sent in their predictions and expectations for trends that will develop or mature in 2019 and we’d like to share them with you below. Of course, all of you should register now for the upcoming Industrial IoT Event, which will run January 29 to February 1 and will look at many developing IIoT trends in depth. Marcia E. Walker, Principal Industry Consultant for Manufacturing, SAS Manufacturing and AI. Many people conjure up images of soulless robots repetitively and anonymously managing a machine when they think of artificial intelligence (AI), but that's an outdated view. AI is not just mechanical in nature; it can also affect the manufacturing industry in more artistic areas like computer vision and natural language processing. For example, a paint manufacturer might use computer vision to help achieve nuances in color that were once a challenge. In natural language processing, a manufacturer can turn to unstructured written data sources like equipment maintenance logs, shipping manifests, and customer call center records to reveal new insights. AI helps manufacturers solve old problems, innovate new products and create new business models. KEN BRIODAGH READ MORE