. https://www.ericsson.com/en/blog/2019/1/take-control-of-massive-iot-growth
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The number of cellular IoT subscriptions is forecasted to grow to 4.1 billion devices by 2024 (Ericsson Mobility report, Nov. 2018). A significant portion of this growth is expected to be Massive IoT devices that use technologies such as NB-IoT and Cat-M, are low-cost, and have long battery life. But how can you as a service provider capture this major opportunity and enable fast growth in this market? There are key challenges that can be addressed already today by implementing new core network capabilities.How to address the Massive IoT market segment IoT, and specifically Massive IoT, is a completely different business compared to mobile broadband and voice services that are currently dominating service providers' business. Mobile broadband and voice are, to a large extent, targeting the consumer market. ANDERS BRÄNNEBY READ MORE