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IoT is often viewed as the new enormous modern upset after the Internet. Notwithstanding connecting machines with machines and with individuals, it is likewise promoting an upgraded feeling of attention to our environment. From washing machines to coffee makers, everything would now be able to be connected and controlled. It doesn’t come as unexpected that spending on IoT around the world across business sectors is anticipated to ascend from $737 billion of 2016 to an incredible $1.29 trillion by 2020. Machine learning matched with complex AI algorithms hold the capacity to totally change the intents and purposes of any industry. Most definitely, the insurance industry isn’t a special case. Since its beginning, the insurance business has been fueled by science and maths; initially just a financier could ascertain solid risk rates and offer adequate payouts that would not close down the insurance agency. With the development of AI, it is conceivable to utilize it to repeatable operations that depend on rationale and mathematics at a higher authenticity quality rate than that done by people. Insurance officials must comprehend the components that will add to this change and how AI will reshape claims, distribution, and endorsing and costing. With this understanding, they can begin to fabricate the skills and abilities, take hold of the developing technologies, and make the way of life and point of view needed to be fruitful players in the insurance business of the future. PRIYA DIALANI READ MORE