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Bosch and IoT; what is the connect? “Like a Bosch” is the tagline of a new global image campaign launched at CES 2019 by auto major Bosch. At the centre of the new public relations effort in an attempt to transform the old German company from its old avataar to a modern-day one, which is a purveyor of Internet solutions, including vehicles that communicate with their owners and with other vehicles. As if to emphasise the connect between Bosch and IoT, Bosch was showcasing a self-driving shuttle vehicle concept at the trade show. This was intended to show off Bosch’s capabilities to make vehicles run by themselves, safely and in a consumer-friendly way. Bosch’s new campaign aims to get the message across that Bosch is the leading provider of connected products and solutions. The main plank of the campaign is a hip-hop video clip featuring a protagonist who is a savvy IoT user. THEINTERNETOFALLTHINGS READ MORE