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Today, it seems everything is automated. We can set the coffee pot to begin brewing at 6:30am sharp, turn the lights off with a remote control, and start the car from inside the house, all with the push of a button. Once we start going digital it’s hard to stop; we want to automate every single part of our life. We can travel to any destination, regardless of whether we actually know how to get there, trusting our car’s navigation system to lead the way. It’s even easy for people to turn on their home alarm system or adjust aircon settings, all from their smartphone. By 2020 the amount of internet-connected things is predicted to reach 50 billion. These numbers are exciting, as they mean that we will become more efficient and technologically advanced. But although the Internet of Things (IoT) is making our lives so much simpler it can also pose security concerns. As automation increases it is important that security measures are also stepped up, so that we can safely reap all the benefits the IoT has to offer. We must never forget that without proper security, we are putting ourselves at risk. READ MORE