. https://theinternetofthings.report/Resources/Whitepapers/03acd5aa-db84-431a-b305-a981edf1f710_digital-vision-cyber-security-opinion-paper-new.pdf
For years, the received wisdom for how to secure technology and data was a firewall, equivalent to a ‘lock on the door’. Today the answer is more complex. In a world where technology has burst out of the comms room into almost every area of life, how do we install walls and locks everywhere? Clearly, our approach to cyber security must adapt. We now need to understand behaviour patterns and pinpoint anomalies and outliers. To be predictive rather than waiting for impacts. This paper offers a range of expert views on the scale of the challenge, with new thinking to foster confidence in the face of a vast array of threats. One thing we can be certain of: our relationship with technology will continue to change at pace, and how we protect ourselves must also move with the times. DOWNLOAD