. https://theinternetofthings.report/Resources/Whitepapers/0cbd240c-3395-4f12-a4e3-4bb919bf44d5_NATEE_whitepaper_v103.pdf
Global computing power is a critically important resource of our time. While most internet enabled mobile devices sit idle, on standby, they are under-utilized. NATEE’s platform can empower a new generation of smartphone users to earn passive income while awake, or asleep by simply downloading a mobile app. Today’s smartphones CPU/GPU cores are more powerful than most desktop computers, so with Wi-Fi & 4G are ripe for sharing. Intensive R&D projects will pay top dollar for available computational outsourcing of “Big Datai” (petabytes). Computing power is the critically important resource of our time, yet is mostly untradeable, because it is dispersed across the globe, segregated on businesses servers, or dedicated to personal desktops, laptops and smartphones. While mobile devices’ power is on, they are largely under-utilized, sitting idleii waiting for a call, and especially unused when people sleep. DOWNLOAD