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Industry 4.0 concentrates on creating intelligent products, processes and procedures. It is able to change the whole entire value chain which allows workers, machines, resources and customers to communicate easily. Industry 4.0 offers huge new market approach and segmentation as companies are able to produce a better range of products as the process of transforming customers’ requirements into actions is now has become seamless and sophisticated. All data on the latest trends and changes in customer behaviours can be captured in real time, making it possible to produce cutting-edge products which will lead to an exponential growth in every business. In Malaysia, the Government has played crucial roles in engaging the private sector towards Industry 4.0. Initiatives are introduced to encourage industry players to embark on this new journey of industrial revolution. Malaysia Productivity Corporation (MPC) as an agency under Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI), promotes initiatives on improving nation’s productivity, including that of Industry 4.0 implementation. DOWNLOAD