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Enterprises share their IoT challenges at IoT Day Shanghai

August 08, 2019

At our recent IoT Day Shanghai event, we had the opportunity to sit down for a roundtable discussion with several enterprises operating in Asia to discuss the challenges and pain points they have encountered in their IoT journeys. The session was an open and frank sharing of ideas and insights among peers who have started down the road of digital transformation. Enterprise participants learned they are not alone, and there are places to which they may turn to learn best practices and what has been successful for others. Perhaps a massive understatement, the IoT journey is a hard and complex one and the industry can vouch for that. According to a recent survey, three-quarters of IoT projects are not successful. However, we are certainly seeing successes, and that is why we think it is particularly important for the industry to come together to share knowledge, collaborate and to help and be inspired by one another. If we know where enterprises are in their IoT deployments, we can also determine what they are learning along the way. Knowing these things help the industry as a whole and allows us to be a better partner.