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With 5G And IoT, It’s A New Day With New Risks

January 28, 2020 / DAVID HIGGINS

Connectivity as a concept has become an essential part of life, as opposed to just a luxury. The Internet of Things (IoT) has already become commonplace in our lives, thanks to all the connected devices and smart technologies we own, interacting with one another to create a fully connected network. With the global number of IoT devices projected to triple by 2025 and 5G technologies very soon to become a cohesive part of the UK’s telecoms infrastructure, as a country we will soon be more connected than ever. Constant connectivity provides opportunities for innovation and modernisation. Conversely though, it also creates cybersecurity threats that can compromise extremely sensitive information. With the world heading swiftly into an age of ever-more-enhanced connectivity, individuals and organisations need to familiarise themselves with these developing threats and the volatile landscape, while ensuring they have a robust way to protect themselves against these threats.