Cisco and IoT Technology: The Building Blocks behind IoT Payments

Payment Journal | February 06, 2020

Cisco recently announced its Collaborative Intelligence program, a program that connects artificial intelligence and machine learning to facilitate labor productivity. As mentioned in IoT Payments: How the Internet of Things Is Influencing Payments, this technology is responsible for automation that will drive IoT payments. Cisco has also been investing in industrial IoT, a sector that is consistently automating processes and increasing visibility into assets. Of course a second platform to effectively manage IoT data is necessary.



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Ambi Robotics Introduces AmbiAccess, The On-Demand Robot Fleet Management and Business Intelligence Platform

Ambi Robotics | March 21, 2023

Ambi Robotics, the leading provider of AI-powered robotic parcel sorting systems that empower warehouse operators to handle more, today introduces AmbiAccess, a cloud-based business intelligence platform enabling customers to get even more out of their Robots-as-a-Service (RaaS) investment. AmbiAccess provides advanced fleet management capabilities and real-time analytics to optimize operations and maximize efficiency so global shippers and logistics companies can gain visibility into their entire operation “We built the AmbiAccess platform with a suite of operation-enhancing applications to make our customers’ lives easier,” says Jeff Mahler, Co-founder and CTO of Ambi Robotics. “This new customer portal goes beyond data visibility, with comprehensive insights and advanced analytics that leverage historical data and trends. Now our customers can better understand the performance of their entire fleet, compare KPIs between facilities and regions, and access real-time analytics from any device.” The AmbiAccess platform simplifies managing robot fleets and enhances the overall operating experience as customers scale AI-powered robotic sorting systems across their network. With on-demand accessibility, customers gain access to data-driven business intelligence that provides greater visibility into their operations. Customers can monitor robot fleet performance in real-time, access advanced analytics reporting, review actionable insights, view the system knowledge base, and access 24/7 customer support all in one place. This includes real-time data that tracks key performance metrics, productivity, system utilization, item analysis, and proactive insights to identify potential issues before they occur. “AmbiAccess opens the doors to a more efficient and sustainable supply chain,” says Stephen McKinley, VP of Operations at Ambi Robotics. “This new platform demonstrates the impact of our AI-powered robotic sorting systems and allows our customers to gain an even greater competitive edge in the market.” AmbiAccess takes the guesswork out of managing throughput, sort plans, exception items, and operational efficiency. Customers can compare trends and key metrics across their systems, facilities, and regions. Facility managers and operations executives can view metrics from the warehouse or on the go through the cloud-based portal. About Ambi Robotics Ambi Robotics is an artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics company developing advanced solutions that scale ecommerce operations to meet demand while empowering humans to handle more. The company’s industry-leading AI operating system, AmbiOS, leverages proprietary simulation-to-reality (Sim2Real) technology to operate highly-dexterous robotic systems. Founded in 2018, the world's top roboticists, AI researchers, and leading business professionals work together to build the supply chain's most valued systems. The company is located in Berkeley, Cali

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emnify and Skylo Partner for IoT Cellular and Satellite Connectivity

emnify | March 15, 2023

On March 14, 2023, emnify, a renowned cloud-native enabler of IoT cellular connectivity, announced its strategic partnership with Skylo, a Non-Terrestrial Network (NTN) service provider. This collaboration will avail emnify users with 3GPP Rel-17 NTN-compliant radio user equipment for satellite IoT and terrestrial cellular connections. The solution will be supported by Skylo's global technology and will be managed using emnify's unique web portal and APIs. This collaboration places emnify at the cutting edge of an emerging IoT connectivity revolution. To integrate satellite and terrestrial mobile communications systems into a unified 'network of networks,' the companies will deliver more resilient, accessible, and flexible connectivity solutions. Furthermore, drawing on the latest 3GPP standards launched in March 2022, it will be among the first to provide dependable NTN support for IoT device fleets. emnify's IoT SuperNetwork offers a seamless service experience to customers worldwide, providing them with a single intuitive and responsive user interface to configure, manage, and update their devices. This reliable terrestrial mobile network coverage is now supplemented by satellite IoT connectivity to ensure constant connectivity of devices, regardless of location. emnify's partnership with Skylo elevates its solutions, reinforcing its position as the ultimate provider of cost-effective, dependable, and flexible network connectivity. VP of Network Access at emnify, Alexander Schebler, shared, "Today, most enterprises are limited to using terrestrial mobile networks for wireless IoT solutions, unless they opt for costly and proprietary satellite network services from an additional service provider." He added, "With this collaboration, we're changing that forever and redefining the future of IoT connectivity. There's no need for hybrid or proprietary solutions and patchworks of IoT service subscriptions: by bringing emnify and Skylo together, we're providing cost-effective universal connectivity and enabling customers to realize the full value inherent in their device fleets via their existing emnify cloud infrastructure." (Source – Business Wire) About emnify emnify is a leading cloud building block for cellular communications in the IoT stack, providing secure and scalable connectivity for millions of IoT devices worldwide. Its cloud-native integrations and no-code workflows ensure easy scalability for deployments of all sizes. The company's IoT SuperNetwork is the largest globally distributed mobile cloud core network, supporting local network access in over 180 countries through partnerships with leading cloud providers, system integrators, and radio network operators. Founded in 2014 and based in Berlin, it is trusted by thousands of the world's most innovative companies.

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Actelis Networks' Hybrid Fiber-Copper Solutions Extend Gigabit Speed Connectivity for IoT in 18M Multiple Dwelling Units

globenewswire | May 02, 2023

Actelis Networks, Inc. a market leader in cyber-hardened, rapid deployment networking solutions for wide area IoT applications, today announced the introduction of next generation hybrid fiber-copper solutions designed to enable rapid deployment of cyber-safe, gigabit connectivity to locations where fiber installation is difficult and costly. The newly introduced solutions support a variety of IoT applications for rail, military and campus networks, 5G/mobile base stations as well as residential and commercial broadband, including Multiple Dwelling Units (MDUs) such as apartments and condos. The introduction follows successful tests with rail and military customers that exceeded expectations. With the launch of the GigaLine 800 (GL800) and GigaLine 900 (GL900) product families, Actelis solves two of the biggest connectivity issues involving services to locations that are hard to reach with fiber. The first challenge is getting gigabit connectivity to buildings in a timely and cost-effective manner. The second challenge is distributing gigabit services throughout buildings without disturbing tenants with unnecessary rewiring. Actelis’ GL800 and GL900 combined solution boosts the performance of existing wiring to solve both challenges in a matter of hours. The GL800 product family bridges the gap between the farthest fiber point and the out of fiber reach buildings, instantly extending gigabit speeds over miles with cyber-safe encrypted, fiber-grade transmission, solving the first main challenge. The GL900 product family then delivers instant gigabit speeds throughout industrial facilities, military barracks, apartments, offices, hotels, and hospitals, over wiring of copper or coax that already exist. A seamless extension of PON optical connection arriving at the building, GL900 is a cost effective, green solution, consuming very little power, with hassle-free installation. “Our new line of gigabit hybrid fiber-copper products is very unique in that it utilizes existing wiring but is able to transmit multi-gig, fiber-grade connectivity over long distances, which provides tremendous cost and time savings for network operators,” said Tuvia Barlev, Chairman and CEO of Actelis. “The flexibility of the solution allows for an almost unlimited number of applications, from rail networks to enabling high-speed internet for unserved and underserved communities.” About Actelis Networks, Inc. Actelis Networks, a market leader in cyber-hardened, rapid-deployment networking solutions for wide-area IoT applications including federal, state and local government, ITS, military, utility, rail, telecom and campus applications. Actelis’ unique portfolio of hybrid fiber-copper, environmentally hardened aggregation switches, high density Ethernet devices, advanced management software and cyber-protection capabilities, unlocks the hidden value of essential networks, delivering safer connectivity for rapid, cost-effective deployment.

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