Culvert IoT Announces SpaceTrace - a Ground-breaking Rapid Deployment, to Improve the Safety and Efficiency of Industrial Workplaces

Culvert IoT | January 10, 2022

Culvert IoT Corporation, a hardware skunkworks to many of Silicon Valley’s leading technology companies, today announced the launch of SpaceTrace, a turnkey solution to enable rapid development and deployment of location awareness solutions for Industry 4.0.

Culvert IoT SpaceTrace is a family of products that provide simple-to-deploy location awareness solutions that brings the best of Bluetooth Low Energy, Ultra-Wide Band and Low Power Cellular together in a “pick and mix” assortment of Tags, Trackers and Bridges which can be combined to build specific applications for enterprises.

The challenge facing industry today is that no two asset tracking applications are the same. This means enterprises face an uphill battle in terms of costs and time in order to implement intelligent applications which improve safety or efficiencies through enabling people, products and machines to be aware of their individual proximity to each other.

SpaceTrace’s low power Tags and Trackers offer unparalleled location accuracy using UWB, BLE, WiFi, and LTE Cell ID, and leverage u-blox’s Thingstream IoT Communication-as-a-Service platform to convey this location information seamlessly to the cloud from anywhere in the world.

SpaceTrace enables the augmentation of workspaces with location-aware information to build applications such as preventing workers from entering unsafe areas or getting too close to machinery as well as providing the right documentation instantaneously when inspecting machines or sites and providing workflow analysis. SpaceTrace also supports AR integration to help develop new types of mobile applications, allowing customers to superimpose digital content over the world around them.

About Culvert IoT
A hardware skunkworks to many of the valley’s leading technology companies, Culvert IoT Corporation builds on decades of experience designing large-scale logistics IoT for mission-critical applications. In the consumer realm, the company has been a hardware design partner for Google X among others and is currently developing its own line of products, including SpaceTrace.


The Internet of Things offers countless opportunities for manufacturers— provided they can master all of the data generated by these connected devices. Capitalizing on IoT insights can lead to new revenue streams, improved customer experiences, and innovative product designs which can be further leveraged for competitive advanta


The Internet of Things offers countless opportunities for manufacturers— provided they can master all of the data generated by these connected devices. Capitalizing on IoT insights can lead to new revenue streams, improved customer experiences, and innovative product designs which can be further leveraged for competitive advanta

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EPIC iO Upgrades DeepInsights™ Platform for Real-World Applications

EPIC iO Technologies | March 13, 2023

EPIC iO, an innovation leader in applied AIoT (Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things), recently announced significant upgrades to its industry-leading DeepInsights™ platform that will, among other things, assist smart cities and other organizations in controlling traffic and crime, enhancing crowd safety, and reducing infectious diseases. DeepInsights provides the intelligence, data collection and management, and automated responses required to maximize IoT technology as the core of EPIC iO's turnkey solutions for addressing real-world problems. All EPIC iO solutions are driven by AI-powered analysis provided by DeepInsights. As an open, cloud-native, and flexible analysis engine, the solution accepts diverse data sets from IoT sensors such as video cameras, environmental sensors, and external third-party systems, normalizes these diverse data streams and analyzes the optimized data flows using unique capabilities, and then displays findings and notifications on a dashboard that provides insights for any application. In its analyses, the platform employs machine learning, neural network algorithms, and enhanced AI data modeling to unveil what is occurring in any environment in real-time. DeepInsight's new features include the following: A next-gen Computer Vision AI model A fine-grained Classification module A new Rules Wizard that streamlines AI rules creation A biosecurity module to disinfect spaces Cloud Dashboard templates to simplify visualization CEO of EPIC iO Technologies, Ken Mills, shared, "As the only company that integrates everything from sensors and network connectivity to analysis and visualization to deliver complete solutions, EPIC iO uniquely enables its highly diverse customer base to leverage and profit from AIoT technologies." He added, "Whether the goal is improving efficiency, keeping employees and customers healthy or reducing crime, our technology helps customers exceed their IoT expectations, and DeepInsights is at the core of every solution." (Source – Globe Newswire) About EPIC iO Technologies EPIC iO is a South Carolina-based company offering software technology that combines 5G-ready connectivity and AIoT solutions to create a safer, more intelligent, and more connected world for businesses. The company aims to unlock the full potential of IoT and data intelligence through AI integration. EPIC iO's open AI platform, DeepInsights™, enables public and private enterprises to generate, analyze, and extract IoT data intelligently. DeepInsight delivers valuable, real-time insights through a single, integrated source, helping businesses make informed decisions and succeed.

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TOTO Collaborates with MachineQ for IoT-enabled Smart Restrooms

TOTO | January 20, 2023

The largest plumbing company in the world, TOTO, has announced that it will work with MachineQ, a Comcast Company, to make it easier to install its Internet of Things (IoT) smart bathroom products in high-traffic public restrooms across the U.S. TOTO's partnership with MachineQ will enable the company to expand the installation of its innovative smart restroom products, such as automatic hand-dryers and soap dispensers, into areas that were previously difficult to access due to a lack of resources. The partnership will allow TOTO's smart restroom products to better solve real-world business issues for facility managers, such as reducing audits, decreasing downtime, increasing employee efficiency, and increasing consumer satisfaction with their public restroom experience. Through this collaboration, TOTO and MachineQ will be able to increase the number of smart restroom product installations in public restrooms across the United States. Hidemi Ishikawa, CEO of TOTO USA, said, "Utilizing MachineQ's fully integrated device-to-cloud platform enables TOTO to further increase the value our IoT smart restroom products provide to facility managers." He added, "With MachineQ's LoRaWAN® network, which interoperates easily with other networks, TOTO's IoT-enabled products easily integrate with facilities' smart restroom monitoring systems or building automation systems across the U.S." (Source – CISION PR Newswire) The partnership will also let TOTO connect its Internet of Things (IoT)-enabled products to intelligent restroom monitoring systems in buildings or build automation systems across the U.S. This will let facility managers keep an eye on and manage restrooms in real time. This will give them the ability to plan ahead for problems, deal with them quickly and effectively, and keep a high level of cleanliness all the time. About MachineQ MachineQ, a Comcast company, makes it easy for businesses to build, connect, and scale long-range, low-power IoT solutions. Our fully integrated network connectivity platform, which is based on LoRaWAN® technology, gives customers a single source for service, support, technology, and development, as well as better security and a lower total cost of ownership. Our partnerships with leading IoT solution providers help us solve a wide range of business problems in key industries like real estate, food service, retail, manufacturing, healthcare, utilities, government, and agriculture.

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emnify Partners with Lynk to Revolutionize IoT Connectivity

emnify | March 02, 2023

emnify, a leading cloud-native IoT cellular connectivity enabler, has recently announced a new technological and strategic partnership with Lynk, a renowned satellite IoT connectivity provider. The collaboration puts emnify at the forefront of an emerging IoT connectivity revolution, with satellite and terrestrial mobile communications systems combining into a unified ‘network of networks’ to achieve more accessible, resilient, and flexible connectivity solutions. Through this collaboration, emnify will offer Lynk's ingenious ‘cell towers in space’ to its customers. To ensure consistent and dependable IoT connectivity, emnify customers can now connect their existing LTE or GSM cellular radio device to Lynk's satellite-based cell towers. The solution will be supported by Lynk's global technology and managed through emnify's proprietary web portal and APIs. Lynk's satellite portfolio will broaden emnify's global coverage outside of terrestrial mobile networks and into international maritime waters with the deployment of three commercial low-Earth-orbit satellites by the end of 2023. VP of Network Access at emnify, Alexander Schebler, says: "Use cases such as environmental monitoring, fish farming, smart metering, and asset tracking in offshore locations and international waters do not require frequent data transfer. However, the ability to establish connectivity without relying on mobile network reception is crucial for collecting meter readings, sensor values, or GPS locations of assets." He added, "This partnership marks the future of IoT connectivity, where satellite and terrestrial mobile communications systems work seamlessly together to provide more resilient, accessible, and flexible connectivity solutions. We are thrilled to be at the forefront of this IoT connectivity revolution and are eager to empower our customers to realize the full value of their device fleets through their existing Emnify Cloud infrastructure." (Source – Cision PR Newswire) About emnify emnify is a leading cloud-based solution for cellular communications in the IoT stack. With the ability to connect millions of IoT devices globally, from electric vehicles to health wearables, its API and SIM technology ensure secure and reliable connectivity for any IoT deployment. The company's cloud-native integrations and no-code workflows allow for easy scalability from local start-ups to global enterprises. The firm's award-winning IoT SuperNetwork is globally distributed, with local network access available in over 180 countries. With partnerships with leading cloud service providers, system integrators, and radio network operators, emnify's solution is the preferred choice for companies of all sizes.

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