Dolphin Design, a leader in Edge Computing and AI platforms for IoT, is expanding into Asia and opens a processing center in Singapore

Soitec | January 06, 2022

Dolphin Design, a company specialized in advanced chip design, will open its new dedicated Edge Computing and AI branch in Singapore at Pasir Ris where the France-based semiconductor company Soitec operates a fab. Dolphin Design's vision is to enable the largest possible AIoT/EDGE IoT semiconductor community to deliver products with ultimate energy efficiency and performance given its mantra "Consume less energy while increasing performance". Soitec holds an 80% stake in Dolphin Design.

While the hub of the power management and audio activities will remain in France, Dolphin Design wants to move some of its processing activities to Singapore. The branch will become a center of excellence in R&D and industrialization for its processing activity and a key pillar in its business development in Asia and worldwide. It will also become a regional application lab and customer support center for its processing IP platform portfolio. Dolphin Design also plans to build demo boards and software in Singapore, especially for its growth in AI algorithms, leveraging its strong platform for entrepreneurial and industrial developments in the semiconductor sector.

Dolphin Design`s development plan in Singapore calls for the recruitment of 10 local talents in the coming months and up to 50 in total by 2023. Highly skilled engineers with a background in AI or Edge Computing, from fresh graduates to those with over 15 years of experience in that fields will be sought. Qualified staff will have the opportunity to further hone their expertise with training stints in Dolphin Design’s headquarters in France. In addition, the staff would also benefit from being co-located with Soitec as this will enable them to gain exposure to and cross-learning capabilities in the engineered substrate manufacturing.

Chang Chin Nam, Senior Vice President and Head Semiconductor of Singapore´s Economic Development Board (EDB), said, “We value partnerships with semiconductor companies such as Dolphin Design in addressing the global demand for semiconductor solutions, in growth areas such as Edge Computing and AI. The semiconductor industry is a key pillar of Singapore’s economy, and Dolphin Design’s decision to site its new Edge Computing and AI branch in Singapore is testament to our attractiveness as a global hub for chip design. EDB is delighted to support Dolphin Design’s establishment in Singapore, which will create good job opportunities for Singaporeans.”

Cyril Menon, Operations Senior Executive Vice President at Soitec and Chairman of the Dolphin Design Board, said, “Dolphin Design is gaining momentum and its expansion to Singapore is an exciting milestone for its development. We are very proud to welcome Dolphin Design in our fab in Singapore, where we manufacture cutting-edge semiconductor materials. We look forward to leveraging the combined synergies of Dolphin Design’s R&D and Soitec’s engineered substrates manufacturing capabilities to provide an integrated, value-added solution for the semiconductor ecosystem. We know that the opportunities surrounding AI and Edge Computing are virtually limitless today and having Dolphin Design under one roof with Soitec in Singapore will allow it to harness Soitec’s regional footprint and jointly capture and exploit the potential of these technologies.”

“Singapore is a strategic location for our future development. While we already have cooperation programs with local universities, we now want to leverage Singapore ecosystem to build a development center that will be essential to our roadmap on Edge Computing and AI for IoT. We are proud that this initiative is strongly supported by the local authorities through EDB. Our goal is to recruit the best engineers in the region to help us grow and develop new solutions for our customers. Being in Singapore will also allow us to be closer to our Asian customers and provide them with quick support.”

Philippe Berger, CEO of Dolphin Design

About Dolphin Design
Dolphin Design is an innovative and fast-growing semiconductor company in which Soitec holds a majority stake of 80%.

The copmany employs more than 180 people, including 140 engineers who design the key functions of an integrated circuit - called "IP blocks or platforms" - or even the complete integrated circuit - called ASIC or System-on-Chip (SoC). The company has unique know-how in optimizing energy efficiency, which earned it the honor of being one of the 1000 companies worldwide to receive the Solar Impulse label.

Alongside its customers which today number more than 600 companies, Dolphin Design focuses on long-term, human and ingenious collaborations that enable billions of people to use energy-efficient electronic equipment’s or devices every day. Whether its customers are targeting consumer electronics markets, including IoT, multimedia, AI and 5G, or automotive and aerospace markets, Dolphin Design helps them unleash their creativity to make their products more competitive while being more responsible with their energy consumption.

Dolphin Design´s mantra to its customers is simple: "Tell us your biggest dream. Dare the impossible. We make it happen".

About Soitec
Soitec is a world leader in designing and manufacturing innovative semiconductor materials. The company uses its unique technologies and semiconductor expertise to serve the electronics markets. With more than 3,500 patents worldwide, Soitec’s strategy is based on disruptive innovation to answer its customers’ needs for high performance, energy efficiency and cost competitiveness. Soitec has manufacturing facilities, R&D centers and offices in Europe, the U.S. and Asia. Fully committed to sustainable development, Soitec adopted in 2021 its corporate purpose to reflect its engagements: "We are the innovative soil from which smart and energy efficient electronics grow into amazing and sustainable life experiences.


In 2014, the Internet of Things (IoT) had a global market of $2.99T (trillion); by 2020, that number will reach $8.9T, “...attaining a 19.92% Compound Annual Growth Rate.”1 Likewise, the number of deployed devices will increase from 6.6 billion in 2016 to 22.5 billion in 2021.2 As the IoT market grows with device deployments, the concern over security will grow with it; in fact, worldwide spending on IoT  security will be $547.2 million in 2018 alone, anincrease from $433.95 in 2017.


In 2014, the Internet of Things (IoT) had a global market of $2.99T (trillion); by 2020, that number will reach $8.9T, “...attaining a 19.92% Compound Annual Growth Rate.”1 Likewise, the number of deployed devices will increase from 6.6 billion in 2016 to 22.5 billion in 2021.2 As the IoT market grows with device deployments, the concern over security will grow with it; in fact, worldwide spending on IoT  security will be $547.2 million in 2018 alone, anincrease from $433.95 in 2017.

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Tuya Signed Strategic Partnership with China Mobile International to Further Promote Digital Intelligence's New Business Model

Tuya Smart | October 12, 2022

Tuya Smart a global IoT development platform service provider, and China Mobile International Middle East company (CMI), signed a strategic partnership at GITEX Global 2022 to promote the deployment and implementation of IoT solutions and projects across the Middle East and Africa. They also decided that they will together provide more technical support for smart scenes, such as smart business, smart cities, and more. "China Mobile International is an important partner of Tuya and the two parties continuously work together on driving IoT development. With the help of China Mobile and other channel partners, Tuya-enabled smart devices can quickly enter thousands of households across the globe. With today's strategic cooperation with CMI, Tuya will continue to select high-quality Tuya-enabled products and full-scene business solutions for CMI, working together to accelerate the mature implementation of smart business in the Middle East and Africa," said Johnny Lu, the General Manager of LATEM Region of Tuya Smart. "CMI is committed to providing a more convenient information environment for carrier partners, enterprise customers and mobile users, and help empower the digital transformation for various industries. Leveraging our global digital infrastructure and Tuya's IoT ecosystem, we look forward to creating an ecosystem together through this cooperation, and providing full digital intelligence services for businesses within and beyond the Middle East and Africa region," Colin Wang, Managing Director of CMI Middle East and Africa Region CMI to explore IoT market in MEA with one-stop IoT smart platform RINGA CMI, a subsidiary of China Mobile, was officially established in Hong Kong, China in December 2010 to provide better services to meet the growing demand in the international telecommunications market. Leveraging the strong support by China Mobile, CMI provides comprehensive international telecom services and solutions to international enterprises, carriers and mobile users. CMI iSolutions provides 5 pillars of services to global enterprise customers, including cloud network integration, connectivity, data center, ICT and IoT. Its service portfolio covers 50+ industry solutions across logistics, finance, manufacturing, retail as well as solutions for cloud network integration, MNC, IoT sectors etc, with the commitment to help enterprises expand their global business more efficiently. With the continuous expansion of global IoT application scale, CMI launched RINGA, which is an IoT PaaS platform, integrating one-stop IoT services in hardware, platform and applications. RINGA connects global IoT service providers, smart hardware manufacturers and IoT device retailers to help global enterprises and operators to quickly build comprehensive IoT applications. With the in-depth cooperation between both parties, CMI has developed the RINGA+ APP which connects various categories and brands of smart home devices to the platform. In the future, RINGA+ platform will be expanded to smart apartments, smart hotels, smart offices, smart factories and other diverse smart application scenarios to further serve the IoT application needs of all walks of life. Tuya presented the Cube Solution at GITEX to support global customers by helping them establish their own IoT platforms As a global IoT development platform service provider, Tuya is committed to providing its partners with open and neutral IoT ecosystem support and advanced and valuable technologies. As of June 30, 2022, Tuya had more than 629,000 developers in more than 200 countries and regions, with more than 2,200 enabled product categories. Tuya also showcased its Cube Solution at GITEX Global 2022. The Cube Solution is a private IoT service deployment solution that was launched earlier in the year. Within the Cube Solution, developers can build a scalable private IoT platform to handle device management, connectivity, application development, and data analytics. The Cube Solution allows businesses to connect and manage IoT devices, rapidly develop applications, provide data security services, and system auto-scaling, all backed by Tuya's proven IoT PaaS. The Cube Solution helps enterprises keep pace with the ever-changing demand for IoT technologies in business and create personalized IoT platform operations for every industrial vertical and every scenario quickly. The cooperation between Tuya and CMI demonstrates that both parties will combine technical and ecological advantages to promote the landing of IoT solutions in the Middle East and African regions and improve the solution-delivering capability across the globe. In addition, Tuya will take this as an opportunity to continuously cultivate the Middle East and African markets, constantly promote the implementation of smart scenes, and further provide more application cases and market resources for ecosystem partners. About Tuya Smart Tuya Smart is a leading technology company focused on making our lives smarter. Tuya does this through offering a cloud platform that connects a range of devices via the IoT. By building interconnectivity standards, Tuya bridges the intelligent needs of brands, OEMs, developers, and retail chains across a broad range of smart devices and industries. Tuya solutions empower partners and customers by improving the value of their products while making consumers' lives more convenient through the application of technology. Through its growing commercial SaaS business, Tuya offers intelligent business solutions for a wide range of verticals. The Company's platform is backed by industry-leading technology complete with rigorous data protection and security. Tuya partners with leading Fortune 500 companies from around the world to make things smarter, including Philips, Schneider Electric, Lenovo and many others.

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Phosphorus Partners with Concept Data to Expand xIoT Attack Surface Management and Remediation in Europe

Phosphorus | November 09, 2022

Phosphorus, the leading provider of proactive and full-scope security for the extended Internet of Things (xIoT), today announced a new distributor partnership for the European market with Concept Data, a leading IT and cybersecurity value-added distributor. The new partnership will see the two companies jointly delivering a new generation of xIoT security solutions across the region. With the Concept Data partnership, Phosphorus will significantly expand its global presence in the European Union, providing a critical xIoT security technology to businesses and critical industries amid a significant rise in geopolitical threats to the region. xIoT is coming under increasing threats as sophisticated attackers, including nation-states, exploit these devices to gain access to IT networks, achieve long-term persistence inside organizations, and carry out other disruptive attacks. Phosphorus’s Enterprise xIoT Security Platform is the world’s first and only automated security platform capable of delivering xIoT Attack Surface Management, xIoT Hardening and Remediation, and xIoT Detection and Response across the full range of IoT, OT, and Network-connected devices—spanning both new and legacy devices. This enables large organizations to scale xIoT technologies (which can amount to millions of devices per organization) without having to add any additional employees to secure them. “Cyber threats are increasing throughout Europe, and it’s important for these organizations to take proactive steps now to reduce their attack surface and harden all endpoints, especially xIoT devices which are traditionally overlooked and unprotected, We look forward to working with Concept Data to expand our xIoT platform throughout this important economic region and to make sure enterprises and critical industries are well protected against both criminal and nation-state threats.” Brian Contos, Chief Security Officer at Phosphorus “Phosphorus’s xIoT security platform is an important new addition to our solutions portfolio and will allow us to offer a more comprehensive protection for our customers’ networks, by securing critical xIoT endpoints which are normally overlooked,” said Krzysztof Andrian, CEO of Concept Data. “As a cybersecurity solutions provider, we see an increased demand in Poland and across Europe for critical infrastructure protection, particularly in manufacturing and other heavy industry sectors, and xIoT threat and attack prevention is an important part of this process. Phosphorus is the only comprehensive solution that can harden and defend xIoT devices from the variety of threats they now face.” ABOUT PHOSPHORUS Phosphorus Cybersecurity® is the leading xTended Security of Things™ platform designed to secure the rapidly growing and often unmonitored Things across the enterprise xIoT landscape. Our Enterprise xIoT Security Platform delivers Attack Surface Management, Hardening & Remediation, and Detection & Response to bring enterprise xIoT security to every cyber-physical Thing in your enterprise environment. With unrivaled xIoT discovery and posture assessment, Phosphorus automates the remediation of the biggest IoT, OT, and Network device vulnerabilities—including unknown and inaccurate asset inventory, out-of-date firmware, default credentials, risky configurations, and out-of-date certificates. Follow Phosphorus on LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube, and learn more at ABOUT CONCEPT DATA Concept Data is a team of consultants with many years of experience in development and implementation of IT solutions that support business. The company’s key goal is to assist customers in effective enterprise management which complies with security standards and requirements. Concept Data carries out projects for customers from multiple sectors, including banking, insurance, telecommunications, energy and FMCG and offers IT solutions by the major and most reputable manufacturers from around the globe.

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Bentley Systems Launches iTwin Experience, iTwin Capture, and iTwin IoT to Extend iTwin Platform

Bentley Systems | November 16, 2022

Year in Infrastructure Conference, Bentley Systems, Incorporated (Nasdaq: BSY), the infrastructure engineering software company, today announced new capabilities of its iTwin Platform, significantly extending the scope and interoperability of infrastructure data that engineering firms and owner-operators can use to create and leverage digital twins in design, construction, and operations workflows. The new iTwin Platform capabilities will power Bentley Infrastructure Cloud, a set of solutions that span the end-to-end infrastructure lifecycle and value chain, encompassing ProjectWise, SYNCHRO, and AssetWise, unified and made interoperable by Bentley’s infrastructure schemas. iTwin Experience is a new cloud product to empower owner-operators’ and their constituents’ insights into critical infrastructure by visualizing and navigating digital twins. Significantly, iTwin Experience accelerates engineering firms’ “digital integrator” initiatives to create and curate asset-specific digital twins, incorporating their proprietary machine learning, analytics, and asset performance algorithms. iTwin Experience acts as a “single pane of glass,” overlaying engineering technology (ET), operations technology (OT), and information technology (IT) to enable users to visualize, query, and analyze infrastructure digital twins in their full context, at any level of granularity, at any scale, all geo-coordinated and fully searchable. Additional iTwin products include: iTwin Capture, for capturing, analyzing, and sharing reality data, enables users to easily create engineering-ready, high resolution 3D models of infrastructure assets using drone video and survey imagery from any digital camera, scanner, or mobile mapping device. Infrastructure digital twins of any existing assets can accordingly start with reality modeling, rather than requiring a BIM model. iTwin Capture offers the highest-fidelity and most versatile means of capturing reality to serve as the digital context for surveying, design, monitoring, and inspection processes. iTwin IoT, for acquiring and analyzing sensor data, enables users to seamlessly incorporate Internet of Things (IoT) data created by sensors and condition monitoring devices. Infrastructure IoT can be used effectively for real-time safety and risk monitoring in operations and construction activities, including to measure and visualize environmental changes, structural movement, or deterioration for condition assessment, maintenance scheduling, and to prompt precautionary interventions. By securely incorporating real-time data at scale from among hundreds of sensor types, iTwin IoT increases the value of engineering and geotechnical data. Bentley’s Engineering Applications, Powered by iTwin In the 2022 Going Digital Awards, the proportion of finalists crediting iTwin reached 42%. Noting the sophistication and maturing of digital delivery approaches, as evidenced by the 2022 finalists’ projects, Bentley presented a broadening of its strategic priorities for iTwin, including adding “digital-twin native” advantages to its infrastructure engineering applications. In the keynote, Founder and CTO Keith Bentley described the evolution of iTwin from a set of open-source programming libraries to a platform-as-a-service used by Bentley and partners to develop, run, and extend applications that use digital twin workflows. Bentley’s engineering applications will next take advantage of iTwin capabilities on the desktop. Users will continue to work with these applications as they are accustomed to, but alongside the usual resulting .dgn file, the engineering applications will also create and synchronize an iModel, Bentley’s specialized container to semantically align and federate infrastructure engineering data within digital twins. iModel and iTwin will enable users to participate in data-centric workflows, including for integration, validation of design intent, rules checking, clash detection, component queries and reuse, quality assurance, and digital-twin deliverables creation. Keith Bentley said, “It is clear to me that infrastructure digital twins are the future of our industry and our company. Our digital twin journey began four years ago with a series of open source projects to create cloud-native tools, called iTwin.js. It has evolved into the iTwin Experience that is the workhorse for digital twin solutions from Bentley and others. I’m very proud of the tremendous progress we and our users have made using the iTwin Platform, as evidenced in the current YII submissions. Phase 2 of our journey involves improving our existing desktop products using the same iTwin engine. Users of our MicroStation and engineering design and analysis applications will next gain new features that can make their projects more efficient, more connected, and the results more valuable. We can do that by augmenting, not replacing, their existing tools, workflows, file formats, and deliverables. The iTwin engine will run on the same desktop ‘in process’ with the design applications, synchronizing a local iModel and connecting to cloud services when and as necessary.” Integration with Immersive 3D Environments At the same time, Julien Moutte, vice president of technology, described the enhanced interoperability of the iTwin Platform, including integration with 3D environments, such as Unreal, Unity, and NVIDIA Omniverse, to enable immersive experiences across a wide range of devices. “From the start, we created services in the iTwin Platform that allow software developers to align and federate infrastructure data from different sources. We are now opening the doors of the metaverse for those digital twins, enabling new use cases and immersive experiences. Our interoperability with game engines via USD, glTF, DataSmith, and 3DFT unlocks a whole new world of possibilities for application developers. We are excited to see what our users can achieve by combining such technologies, which are fundamental building blocks of the infrastructure metaverse.” Describing the broadening ecosystem adoption of iTwin technologies, Moutte announced that Adobe has licensed Bentley’s iTwin Capture for its Substance 3D Sampler application, which enables designers to easily transform real-life pictures into a photorealistic surface or environment. Alexis Khouri, vice president, growth, 3D and metaverse at Adobe, said, “Bentley’s iTwin Capture capabilities in Substance 3D Sampler will help Adobe’s creative professional customers to populate their 3D experiences and save many hours (or even days) of 3D modeling time. Adobe’s strategic collaboration with Bentley will allow us to offer an easy-to-use and state-of-the-art 3D capture solution for 3D artists and designers of all levels.” In a performance-redefining breakthrough, Bentley has developed a new iTwin Platform service that enables software developers and digital integrators to stream digital twins into Unreal Engine, the leading game engine from Epic Games, to create immersive experiences for fly-throughs and multi-user collaboration. “Infrastructure digital twins are becoming fundamental building blocks of virtual worlds that empower people to interact, collaborate, and solve problems together, The seamless workflow and high performance that Bentley offers by integrating the iTwin Platform with Unreal Engine will help developers achieve new levels of immersion in complex visualizations and simulated experiences.” Marc Petit, vice president, Unreal Engine Ecosystem at Epic Games Availability iTwin Experience is in early access; iTwin Capture and iTwin IoT are available now. iTwin Experience incorporates capabilities from OpenCities Planner. iTwin Capture incorporates capabilities from ContextCapture and Orbit 3DM. iTwin IoT incorporates capabilities from the sensemetrics platform and Vista Data Vision.

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