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EPIC iO Upgrades DeepInsights™ Platform for Real-World Applications

EPIC iO Technologies | March 13, 2023 | Read time : 01:52 min


EPIC iO, an innovation leader in applied AIoT (Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things), recently announced significant upgrades to its industry-leading DeepInsights™ platform that will, among other things, assist smart cities and other organizations in controlling traffic and crime, enhancing crowd safety, and reducing infectious diseases.

DeepInsights provides the intelligence, data collection and management, and automated responses required to maximize IoT technology as the core of EPIC iO's turnkey solutions for addressing real-world problems. All EPIC iO solutions are driven by AI-powered analysis provided by DeepInsights.

As an open, cloud-native, and flexible analysis engine, the solution accepts diverse data sets from IoT sensors such as video cameras, environmental sensors, and external third-party systems, normalizes these diverse data streams and analyzes the optimized data flows using unique capabilities, and then displays findings and notifications on a dashboard that provides insights for any application. In its analyses, the platform employs machine learning, neural network algorithms, and enhanced AI data modeling to unveil what is occurring in any environment in real-time.

DeepInsight's new features include the following:

  • A next-gen Computer Vision AI model
  • A fine-grained Classification module
  • A new Rules Wizard that streamlines AI rules creation
  • A biosecurity module to disinfect spaces
  • Cloud Dashboard templates to simplify visualization

CEO of EPIC iO Technologies, Ken Mills, shared, "As the only company that integrates everything from sensors and network connectivity to analysis and visualization to deliver complete solutions, EPIC iO uniquely enables its highly diverse customer base to leverage and profit from AIoT technologies." He added, "Whether the goal is improving efficiency, keeping employees and customers healthy or reducing crime, our technology helps customers exceed their IoT expectations, and DeepInsights is at the core of every solution."

(Source – Globe Newswire)

About EPIC iO Technologies

EPIC iO is a South Carolina-based company offering software technology that combines 5G-ready connectivity and AIoT solutions to create a safer, more intelligent, and more connected world for businesses. The company aims to unlock the full potential of IoT and data intelligence through AI integration. EPIC iO's open AI platform, DeepInsights™, enables public and private enterprises to generate, analyze, and extract IoT data intelligently. DeepInsight delivers valuable, real-time insights through a single, integrated source, helping businesses make informed decisions and succeed.


According to Counterpoint Research, the 5G+Wi-Fi 7 market will see cumulative shipments of over 7 billion devices through 2027 and grow at more than 100% annually between now and 2027 driven by leading applications including smartphones, gateways and routers, and the automotive sector.


According to Counterpoint Research, the 5G+Wi-Fi 7 market will see cumulative shipments of over 7 billion devices through 2027 and grow at more than 100% annually between now and 2027 driven by leading applications including smartphones, gateways and routers, and the automotive sector.

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BMW Partners AWS and Qualcomm to Drive Innovation in New-Gen Autos

BMW | September 07, 2023

BMW partners with AWS and Qualcomm to foster driving experiences Snapdragon Ride to be used to integrate AI-augmented video function The collaboration leverages AWS’s cloud-based compute and storage along with IoT sensing tools, generative AI and machine learning BMW has joined Amazon Web Services for a cloud partnership to propel IoT and AI capabilities into upcoming vehicle models set for a 2025 launch, augmented onboard ASAS software and sensors for driver warnings. Concurrently, BMW collaborated with Qualcomm Technologies to develop automated driving systems built on Qualcomm's Snapdragon Ride computer vision platform. BMW's collaboration with AWS and Qualcomm aims to streamline production and enhance vehicle functions. BMW stated that centralized cloud computing enables scalability to handle increasing data volumes generated by advanced automated functions like adaptive cruise control and automated lane changing. BMW's partnership with AWS and Qualcomm is geared towards optimizing production processes and elevating the capabilities of their vehicles. According to BMW, the utilization of centralized cloud computing allows for greater scalability, effectively managing the surging volumes of data generated by sophisticated automated features such as adaptive cruise control and automated lane changing. This enhances the efficiency of manufacturing operations and empowers vehicles to deliver more robust and responsive automated driving experiences.The integration of cloud computing addresses the challenges posed by increasing data demands, laying the foundation for future innovations in connected and autonomous vehicles. This collaboration leverages an existing ‘cloud data hub’ on AWS infrastructure, tapping into cloud-based computing, IoT sensing, storage, and AI tools, which include generative AI and machine learning. BMW reported that these technologies will enhance BMW's Neue Klasse line, enabling lifecycle management of the new driver assistance (ADAS) platform, automated braking, and steering functions. These Neue Klasse vehicles from 2025 will allow BMW engineers to respond swiftly to customer demands and introduce new features to enhance the automated driving experience. The Snapdragon Ride platform will integrate 360-degree AI-augmented video functionality for automated driving features. Nicolai Martin, Senior Vice President for driving experience at BMW, mentioned, In the next decade, consumer habits and expectations will drive more changes in the automotive industry than we’ve seen over the past 30 years. [Source: RCRWirelessNews] BMW's new driving platform will serve as a reference architecture for future BMW models, enabling the processing, cataloging, and storage of vast amounts of real-time driving data in AWS's Amazon S3 cloud storage engines. This data will support engineering teams in developing and training models using AWS's machine learning service, ‘SageMaker.’ General Manager of automotive and manufacturing, Wendy Bauer at AWS, stated, Automated driving is about more than just convenience; it’s also aimed at providing driver assistance technology that helps prevent injuries and saves lives. [Source: RCRWirelessNews] Wendy Bauer explained that implementing these systems on the BMW Group's international scale required an approach that could process and analyze vast amounts of data, as well as learn and innovate, so automakers could develop safer and more reliable automated ADAS systems. As the automotive industry undergoes a transformation towards a novel software-defined vehicle architecture that emphasizes high performance, energy efficiency, and scalability, Nakul Duggal, Senior Vice President for automotive and cloud computing at Qualcomm, said that its ongoing collaboration with BMW is dedicated to the development of advanced AI-driven driver assistance technologies, focusing on safety and security on a larger scale. He added that this partnership between AWS and BMW combines cutting-edge technology from their respective industries, aiming to provide a contemporary cloud-native software development ecosystem.

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Telit Cinterion deviceWISE® AI Streamlines and Refines Visual Inspection for Manufacturing with AI and Deep Learning

prnewswire | August 02, 2023

Telit Cinterion, a global enabler of the intelligent edge, today announced deviceWISE®AI Visual Inspection, an AI-powered solution that enables automakers, pharmaceuticals, semiconductors, health care, energy and other manufacturers to optimize quality control, productivity, customer satisfaction and profitability.Designed for a wide variety of factory floor use cases, deviceWISE AI Visual Inspection provides the granular, actionable insights that are critical for success in demanding production environments such as just-in-time manufacturing (JITM) and Industry 4.0. deviceWISE AI Visual Inspection provides manufacturers with a turnkey solution for collecting visual inspection data from factory floor devices and then feeding it into analytics platforms. These insights enable manufacturers to quickly identify and address emerging quality control problems involving employee workstations, industrial robots, CNC machines and more. In the process, these insights help minimize rework and downtime and help meet production schedules. Deployable in the cloud or on premises, deviceWISE AI Visual Inspection: Leverages the latest visual AI technologies to identify problems such as missing bolts, improperly installed product badges, bad welds,misaligned seams and more. Uses a broad array of technologies from theNVIDIA Metropolisstack — the NVIDIA Jetson edge AI platform, DeepStream SDK and TensorRTSDK. Provides customizable algorithms for on-the-fly model training deployment. Integrates seamlessly with a wide range of factory floor equipment such as cameras,PLCs, robots and CNC machines, as well as enterprise software systems including AWS, IBM Maximo, Microsoft Azure IoT, SAP and Siemens. deviceWISEis a scalable, integrated IIoT platform that provides visibility and controlover connected machines and data. deviceWISE allows customers to use NVIDIA AI technologies to boost throughput and improve quality in each step of their manufacturing process. The platform collects and transforms data, integrates machines and systems, runs edge logic and provides data visualization. deviceWISE AI Visual Inspection leverages Telit Cinterion's decades of experience in integrating industrial machines and data orchestration, while making it easy to identify and resolve problems in real time, minimizing downtime and reducing the impact on production. "deviceWISE AI Visual Inspection significantly enhances the ability of manufacturers to quickly find and fix problems that directly affect their competitiveness and bottom line," saidRicardo Buranello, SVP of IoT Platforms Business Unit, Telit Cinterion. "deviceWISE is an IIoT platform that enables manufacturers to collect, transform and integrate data from any machine to any IT system, creating full applications for Industry 4.0 and digital transformation. Now with the new module deviceWISE AI Visual Inspection, we add cameras as sensors in a fully integrated suite. This will provide all the tools manufacturers need to disruptively innovate on their manufacturing processes." deviceWISE AI Visual Inspection is currently in pre-release with release expected in Q3 2023. About Telit Cinterion Telit Cinterion is a global enabler of the intelligent edge providing complete solutions that reduce time to market and costs, delivering custom designed, ready for market connected devices in addition to maintaining the industry's broadest portfolioofenterprise-grade wirelesscommunication and positioningmodules, cellular MVNO connectivityplans and managementservices, edge-cloudsoftware and dataorchestration, and IoT and Industrial IoT platforms. As the largest western provider pioneering IoT innovation, TelitCinteriondeliversaward-winningand highly secure IoT solutions, modules and services for the industry's top brands.

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Mouser Electronics Partners with Atmosic to Accelerate the Growth of Sustainable IoT Devices

Businesswire | June 29, 2023

Today Atmosic Technologies, an innovator in wireless energy harvesting platforms for the Internet of Things (IoT), and Mouser Electronics, Inc., the industry’s leading New Product Introduction (NPI) distributor with the widest selection of semiconductors and electronic components, announced a distribution partnership. Mouser will stock Atmosic’s portfolio of extremely low-power and energy-harvesting wireless Bluetooth® system-on-chips (SoCs) and evaluation kits. Atmosic’s portfolio is designed with sustainability in mind, enabling developers to create connected devices that can use a single battery for a product’s entire lifespan; in some cases, these devices can even operate without any batteries. This extended battery life and battery-free operation is possible since Atmosic’s SoCs have the industry’s lowest power consumption. Additionally, Atmosic offers wireless solutions that can harvest energy from light, motion, thermal, and radio frequency (RF) sources. These energy harvesting solutions also support the new AirFuelRF™ wireless power specification, which uses RF technology to allow multiple devices to be charged and/or powered at the same time and from a distance. “This distribution partnership is a big step forward for us to make our products more readily available, and thus make it easier for brands to bring to market sustainable wireless IoT products,” said Mike Fortin, Senior Vice President of Sales at Atmosic. “Mouser’s strong commitment to reducing their impact on the environment aligns well with our mission of reducing battery waste, so we look forward to working together to promote a greener IoT.” Initially, Mouser’s inventory and website will feature Atmosic’s evaluation kits, as well as the ATM2 and ATM3 series of SoCs, with additional products to be introduced later in 2023. The company’s ATM2 and ATM3 SoCs combine an ultra-low power Bluetooth LE with an integrated power management unit. The ATM3 also adds intelligent management of energy harvesting sources to improve its efficiency and extend battery life or enable battery-free operation. “Many well-known, tier-one consumer brands are already in high-volume production with Atmosic’s products, which is a testament to their commitments to sustainability and is also a great sign for designers looking to develop their own eco-friendly products,” said Andy Kerr, Vice President of Supplier Management at Mouser. “With Atmosic products now in stock at Mouser, IoT product developers around the world have immediate access to their extremely low-power wireless portfolio.” Billions of batteries are being thrown away every year as the market for connected devices continues to grow. Atmosic’s innovative portfolio is working to solve this battery waste issue and help companies meet their sustainability goals. In addition to the environmental benefits of Atmosic’s solutions, extending battery life—or removing the need for batteries entirely—reduces maintenance time and costs for end-users. About Atmosic Technologies Atmosic™ Technologies is an innovative fabless semiconductor company, designing ultra-low power wireless and energy harvesting solutions to dramatically reduce and disrupt device dependency on batteries, aiming to deliver forever battery life and the battery-free connected Internet of Things. The company’s products enable the IoT device ecosystem—designers and manufacturers, as well as end users and those responsible for deployments—to dramatically lower costs and efforts associated with maintaining the growing Internet of Things in Personal, Home, Auto, Healthcare, Industrial, Enterprise and Smart Cities segments. In addition to these tangible business advantages, Atmosic aims to reduce ecological impacts with its vision of dramatically reducing battery consumption in the Internet of Things. About Mouser Mouser Electronics, a Berkshire Hathaway company, is an authorized semiconductor and electronic component distributor focused on New Product Introductions from its leading manufacturer partners. Serving the global electronic design engineer and buyer community, the global distributor’s website,, is available in multiple languages and currencies and features more than 6.8 million products from over 1,200 manufacturer brands. Mouser offers 27 support locations worldwide to provide best-in-class customer service in the local language, currency, and time zone. The distributor ships to over 650,000 customers in 223 countries/territories from its 1 million-square-foot, state-of-the-art distribution facilities in the Dallas, Texas, metro area. For more information, visit

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