Facilio, Airmaster, and NEJAVI Announce Strategic Partnership to Accelerate IoT Digital Transformation in Property Operations

Facilio | April 19, 2022

Facilio, a leading global property operations software platform; Airmaster, an Australia-based award-winning building services company, and NEJAVI, a sales advisory and delivery service focusing on digital transformation and business process, today announced a strategic partnership. The partnership will help real estate portfolio owners and operators realize next-level operational savings, energy efficiency, and improved building performance.

Leveraging the combined power of Facilio's unified cloud operations software platform, Airmaster's intelligent building products, and engineering services, and NEJAVI's experience in IoT service delivery, the partnership will accelerate smart building projects and solve portfolio-level IoT deployments without redundant site-level integrations.

Joint customers are benefiting from immediate value across:

  • Portfolio Monitoring and Visibility: focused on portfolio-level performance benchmarking, sustainability reporting, and operational savings via FDD & business intelligence capabilities.
  • Enterprise O&M Efficiency: that goes beyond analytics to tie operations intelligence with automated real-time workflows including condition-based and predictive maintenance, conference & meeting room automation, occupants' apps and kiosk interfaces, customer self-service scheduling, and independent data layer capabilities
  • Energy Optimization: to exceed sustainability goals and meet savings targets via cloud-based remote setpoint optimization, automated demand response, ramp up/ramp down the optimization, occupancy-based setback, etc.

The partnership with Facilio was an obvious fit. It is the best of both worlds for our customers who will be able to use our intelligent/smart products and services to optimize the whole O&M lifecycle, energy performance, and customer experiences—within a single platform."

Noel Courtney, CEO of Airmaster.

"The NEJAVI team has always focused on strategies that help drive customer growth and the partnership with Facilio and Airmaster will further strengthen this offering and help customers effectively capitalize on IoT technology and solutions, linking technology, vendors and customers through a holistic business model," comments Matthew Smith, Managing Director of APAC, NEJAVI. "With a unique approach to property operations, a powerful technology stack, and strong industry experience, Facilio and Airmaster help us to develop winning IoT projects that meet the modern O&M needs of customers and enable a fully data-driven portfolio."

We are committed to creating a seamless, smarter way to connected building operations as more and more customers embrace cloud-based portfolio performance management," added Prabhu Ramachandran, Founder & CEO, of Facilio. "By teaming up with proven ecosystem players, our customers can see multi-fold value by leveraging their existing supervisory controls infrastructure to deploy IoT-led high-performance portfolio operations with Facilio, Airmaster, and NEJAVI."

About Airmaster
Airmaster is an award-winning building services company, providing HVAC&R management, smart building solutions and fire services across Australia, New Zealand and South-East Asia. Founded in Melbourne in 1988 and with 14 branches across Australia and New Zealand, Airmaster's holistic approach to building management makes for a comprehensive range of service offerings. As a leader in the building services industry, Airmaster prides itself on delivering sustainable, cost effective and energy efficient products, services and solutions. As the built environment landscape changes, Airmaster has adapted, ensuring every service and solution offered aligns with best practice in building services management.

About Nejavi
NEJAVI is a sales advisory and delivery service focusing on digital transformation and business processes, powered by an extensive global ecosystem of suppliers and partners. Bridging the gap between the physical and digital world, IoT offers a huge opportunity for companies. We help clients effectively capitalize on IoT technology and solutions, linking technology, vendors, and customers through a holistic business model.

About Facilio
Facilio's AI-driven property operations platform allows real estate owners to aggregate building data, optimize performance, and control portfolio operations - all from one place.  Customers in the commercial office, healthcare, retail, education, and other real estate categories across the world use Facilio to reduce operations costs, increase net asset value, and de-risk operational liability. Headquartered in New York City with offices in Dubai, Chennai, Singapore, and Sydney, Facilio is a global company backed by leading investors including Accel India, Tiger Global Management, Dragoneer Investment Group, and Brookfield Growth.


This is a android app for easy parking solutions. This has the features to reserve the parking, payments, manage vehicles, live status of the parking etc., This receives the parking slots data from sensors.


This is a android app for easy parking solutions. This has the features to reserve the parking, payments, manage vehicles, live status of the parking etc., This receives the parking slots data from sensors.

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