Identiv and Wiliot Strategically Partner to Meet Global Demand for Passive and Active IoT Solutions

Identiv | February 14, 2022

Identiv, Inc., a global leader in digital security and identification in the Internet of Things (IoT), today announced its partnership with Wiliot, a SaaS company with a platform connecting the digital and physical world through the IoT. Identiv's new Bluetooth (BLE) IoT Pixels for the mass IoT Market feature built-in logic and communicate intelligently to create an ecosystem of digital products in healthcare, pharma, and smart packaging, including tracking cold chain, temperature, moisture, and movement.

Identiv is a strategic developer and production partner for Wiliot, providing deep expertise in complex antenna, device, and systems design with a global commercial channel and proven scalability. The Wiliot platform allows healthcare customers, retailers, brands, and perishable distributors to achieve real-time, cost-effective visibility of all equipment and supplies.

"The movement to add intelligence and connectivity to trillions of everyday things is being driven by an ecosystem of companies that share a vision of where the Internet of Things is going — companies that have the experience, expertise, and capacity to make it happen. The potential to make products safer, better quality, and more sustainable is very exciting. We are delighted that Identiv is bringing their unique track record of experience with some of the most sophisticated IoT technology to this ecosystem."

Tony Small, Wiliot Chief Business Officer

These BLE tags, known as IoT Pixels, enable monitoring of any everyday item, from vials of medicine to luxury apparel. The partnership is strengthened through Identiv's best–in-class production processes along with compliance and quality control through its engineering expertise in specialty designs.

"As we continue our growth as a leading IoT manufacturer and solution provider, we have partnered with Wiliot to meet the production demands of the mass market interested in connecting billions of everyday items simultaneously over-the-air with widely adopted smart devices," said Amir Khoshniyati, Identiv VP and GM, Transponder Business. "Identiv is well positioned to efficiently scale the innovative IoT Pixels globally and our partnership with Wiliot is already driving results with many credible names, including leaders in the food and beverage market."

Identiv's RFID and NFC solutions verify identities and security in the IoT and are embedded in billions of everyday objects, including medical devices, books, toys, athletic apparel, perishable, and pharmaceuticals. Its best-in-class product and R&D team is expert in antennae research, design, and manufacturing. For more information on Identiv's complete end-to-end portfolio, call +1 888.809.8880 or contact

About Identiv
Identiv, Inc. is a global leader in digitally securing the physical world. Identiv's platform encompasses RFID and NFC, cybersecurity, and the full spectrum of physical access, video, and audio security. Identiv is a publicly traded company, and its common stock is listed on the NASDAQ Stock Market LLC in the U.S. under the symbol "INVE."


Because IoT platforms are a central component of a connected product strategy, organizations need to consider this critical software element early in the deployment process. Product makers can choose to build a software platform on their own or purchase an end-to-end, commercially available IoT platform to support their connecte


Because IoT platforms are a central component of a connected product strategy, organizations need to consider this critical software element early in the deployment process. Product makers can choose to build a software platform on their own or purchase an end-to-end, commercially available IoT platform to support their connecte

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Cardinal Peak recognized as trusted AWS IoT Service Delivery Partner optimizing device cost, reliability and performance

globenewswire | April 26, 2023

Cardinal Peak, an engineering services firm specializing in connected product development, including hardware, electronics, embedded, cloud and end-user software, today announced it has attained Amazon Web Services IoT Core Service Delivery designation to improve customer experiences and outcomes of Internet of Things solutions. Validated for choosing the best approach for designing and implementing connected devices with AWS IoT Core, Cardinal Peak delivers IoT solutions optimized for cost, reliability, security, performance and scalability. The AWS IoT Service Delivery designation identifies AWS Partner Network (APN) members with a track record of delivering AWS IoT Core services to customers. “We’ve helped create and launch many IoT designs, including machine learning and AI in the cloud or at the edge, embedded development, over-the-air updates, fleet management and much more — leveraging AWS IoT services — and are ecstatic to achieve AWS IoT Core Partner status,” said Mark Carrington, Cardinal Peak’s CEO. “This achievement illustrates our commitment to providing innovative IoT solutions to our customers, and we look forward to further strengthening our partnership with AWS to drive digital transformation and enable connected experiences for organizations across industries.” As an early adopter of AWS, Cardinal Peak started developing its first AWS product in 2011. The company then developed a music streaming service on AWS cloud that launched to 15 million customers in its first two weeks. In 2018, the product design and development firm became an Alexa system integrator based on successful client delivery. In 2020, Cardinal Peak joined Amazon’s Voice Interoperability Initiative, a commitment to providing customer choice and flexibility. In 2022, members of Cardinal Peak’s embedded software team presented a re:Invent chalk talk on AWS IoT ExpressLink. Current initiatives as an APN consulting partner include a deeper focus on AWS IoT Core and Kinesis Video. As an APN partner and AWS IoT consulting services expert, Cardinal Peak solves difficult problems at every stage to bring product innovations to market quickly. The company's AWS partner services combine senior-level development, testing and support professionals on a single team — ensuring contract engineering projects have the right pieces in the right places, from end to end. Cardinal Peak supports every aspect of the product engineering process, whether clients need a specific skill set to augment their staff or a complete team to take an idea from prototype through commercialization and ongoing support. “This achievement is a testament to our team's exceptional talent and years of experience in building world-class IoT solutions,” said Sean O’Neil, vice president of application engineering and the AWS visionary at Cardinal Peak. “Our ongoing focus on innovation and relentless commitment to delivering transformative IoT experiences enabled us to achieve this significant milestone, and we will continue to push the boundaries of what's possible with IoT as we advance through Amazon's consulting partner program." Benefits accruing from the AWS IoT Service Delivery include funds to offset AWS services costs for customer implementations and the support of Amazon's top IoT solution architects, ensuring an efficient and secure IoT solution design for each customer. About Cardinal Peak Cardinal Peak is a Colorado-based product engineering services company that reduces the risk of outsourcing an engineering project. With more than 120 engineers, designers and strategists providing personalized and responsive service and support focusing on execution and quality, Cardinal Peak delivers contract engineering services to guide innovative ideas through the development process and into production. Specializing in developing connected products in multiple markets, including audio, video, security, health care and others, the product development leader provides end-to-end design skills in hardware, electronics, embedded, cloud and end-user software services.

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Zigbee PRO 2023 Improves Overall Security While Simplifying Experience

prnewswire | April 13, 2023

The Connectivity Standards Alliance, an organization of hundreds of companies creating, maintaining, and delivering open global standards for the Internet of Things (IoT), today announced the release of Zigbee PRO 2023 of the Zigbee protocol stack. The revision brings several enhancements and new features to the technology, allowing mesh networks to have a universal language that enables smart objects to work together. Zigbee PRO 2023 expands on secure-by-design architecture by adding a number of security enhancements to address changing market needs while simplifying the user experience and extending supported bands beyond 2.4 GHz. The revision also enables Zigbee Direct, simplifying device onboarding and control utilizing Bluetooth Low Energy, a technology found in many voice assistant products and mobile devices. The Zigbee PRO 2023 version also progresses standardization of hub-centric operations with the first phase of 'Works with All Hubs', a feature that improves network resiliency on a Hub-centric network by helping devices to identify the most suitable parent for securely joining and rejoining the network. Finally, the added support for sub-gigahertz frequencies for Europe (800 Mhz) and North America (900 MHZ) delivers increased signal strength and range to support even more use cases. "After two decades, Zigbee continues to empower consumer and industrial use cases, enabling richer and more reliable connectivity for utilities, homes, industry, and buildings. With PRO 2023's new features and security enhancements, our hundreds of members continue to evolve and increase Zigbee's relevance and value to manufacturers, their customers, and consumers," said Tobin Richardson, President and CEO of the Connectivity Standards Alliance. One of the critical components of the Zigbee PRO 2023 release is a set of feature enhancements and new security mechanisms for protecting the network during the onboarding and operation of devices to address modern-day security threats. The key new security features include Dynamic Link Key, Device Interview, and Trust Center Swap Out. Dynamic Link Key is a significant improvement based on Public/Private key pairing and advanced security curves, further protecting the network from attacks. Device Interview technology allows users to query and filter out the devices before allowing them onto a network based on ecosystem requirements. The Trust Center Swap-Out feature allows changing out the 'Trust Center' which can be a gateway, hub, smart speaker, and even commercial electric meters for a network without requiring all devices to be recommissioned. "Security always needs to evolve as new exploits and attacks are introduced. With the PRO 2023 release, Zigbee now includes several critical security features to address modern-day threats," said Asad Haque, Chair of the Security Advisory Group, Connectivity Standards Alliance. "These enhancements utilize industry-standard cryptographic algorithms and mutual authentication to protect network security during commissioning and subsequent operation. It is great to see well-established standards like Zigbee continue to adopt the latest security technology available to deliver peace of mind to consumers." In addition to the security improvements, Zigbee devices built to Zigbee PRO 2023 specifications with a sufficient level of security are now able to be on the same network as Smart Energy devices, providing the exchange of important information to further improve control and use of the energy and devices. Zigbee Certified Products can connect and communicate using the same IoT language with each other, and hundreds of millions of Zigbee products are already deployed in smart homes and buildings worldwide. Over 3,900 Zigbee products have been certified, and over a billion chipsets have been sold globally. About the Connectivity Standards Alliance The Connectivity Standards Alliance is the foundation and future of the Internet of Things (IoT). Established in 2002, its wide-ranging global membership collaborates to create and evolve universal open standards for the products transforming the way we live, work, and play. With its Members' deep and diverse expertise, robust certification programs, and a full suite of open IoT solutions the Alliance is leading the movement toward a more intuitive, imaginative, and useful world.

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Keyfactor Becomes a Member of Connectivity Standards Alliance

Keyfactor | March 16, 2023

On March 15, 2023, Keyfactor, the enterprise machine and IoT identity platform, joined the Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA). CSA is a leading organization that develops and promotes open, universal standards for safer product interaction and connection. Keyfactor's CSA membership affirms the company's approach to authentication and trust between connected devices and applications, joining 260+ innovative brands like Amazon, Apple, and Google. IoT product manufacturers must enhance the overall security and consumer experience as connected devices become more widespread. As an industry leader in IoT security, Keyfactor recognizes the challenges of device manufacturing. As a new CSA member, the organization will continue to play an essential role in making way for a secure, connected future. Keyfactor's PKI-based digital integrity and identity capabilities support every aspect of digital trust for Matter-certified devices. Its certificate lifecycle management, common criteria certified PKI, and code-signing technologies provide complete control over the security embedded in IoT products and devices. Ellen Boehm, SVP of IoT Strategy and Operations at Keyfactor, shared, "Manufacturers continue to grapple with IoT product security implementation; currently, there is a missing link in true authentication and trust between devices and applications that exist in secure IoT systems." She added, "Joining CSA alongside other IoT innovators, many of which are existing Keyfactor customers, will widen our reach and sustain our commitment towards helping IoT OEMs around the globe achieve reliable, secure connectivity." (Source – Business Wire) About Keyfactor Keyfactor is the trusted name in machine and IoT identity management. The company's end-to-end solutions provide secure authentication and unique identity management for devices, transactions, and workloads. Its identity-first approach to security ensures organizations have the tools to create a secure digital ecosystem, reducing risk and protecting against cyber threats. Keyfactor's merger with PrimeKey in 2021 combined the world's most widely used and trusted PKI solution (PrimeKey EJBCA) with Keyfactor's end-to-end machine identity management platform.

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