Introducing the now platform - the first partnership between Origin and nami

Origin | January 12, 2022

Origin Wireless™ Inc. ("Origin") and Pte. Ltd. ("nami") today announced the launch of their 'now' initiative (nami origin wi-fi sensing). The now platform brings together two industry leaders to offer companies and brands an all-in-one solution, combining AI, software and hardware to deploy intelligent Wi-Fi sensing to their customers.

Being a cost-efficient, turnkey solution, the now platform speeds up the time to market for IoT providers, ISPs, PropTech, InsurTech, HealthTech and EnergyTech. Incorporating the now AIoT platform (AI + IoT) enables even the smallest smart device to become a sensor to differentiate between human beings, robot vacuums, pets, fans and more.

Today we unveil the official name and architecture of the companies' first joint effort since announcing their partnership last month. Origin is the leader in WiFi Sensing – developing applications for home automation, home security, fall detection and more. nami is an innovator which challenges and overcomes the limits of what's possible in IoT.

"nami's impressive AIoT infrastructure, encompassing firmware, cloud, API and UI/UX layers, is invaluable to the now platform with digital monitoring powered by Origin's advanced AI wireless sensing technology," said Dr. Ray Liu, Founder and CEO of Origin. "We are pleased to bring our joint solution to the market and look forward to its early applications and future success."

"We are excited to contribute to elevate an industry from the Internet of Things to the Intelligence of Things. Non-line-of-sight monitoring technology allows us to fully respect people's privacy, while bringing unprecedented levels of granularity in digital sensing. With the now initiative, we have built a middleware platform guaranteeing privacy from back-end to front-end. Together with Origin, we are creating solutions around both B2C and B2B use-cases – relevant for security, energy efficiency, building automation and health – to help innovative players smoothly incorporate Wi-Fi sensing disruption to their value propositions."

Jean-Eudes Leroy, CEO of nami

Origin and nami will host "now presence sensing", a virtual event on February 16th & 17th, to showcase the building blocks of their combined initiative. During live sensing demos, presentations and Q&A sessions, the companies will present the now platform and customizable offerings tailored to a variety of applications. Registration is limited – learn more and secure your spot here.

About Origin
Origin is revolutionizing what Wi-Fi can do. As the pioneer of Wi-Fi Sensing, Origin aims to improve people's lives with its AI sensing technology. Its patented and award-winning applications enable companies to build a wide range of Wi-Fi smart home, health, well-being, and automotive applications with high performance, low cost, and ease of use. 

About nami
nami is an Artificial Intelligence of Things startup that aims to transform smart devices and systems into intelligent ones for security, energy saving and health care. Its leadership team consists of WiZ Connected founders, a smart lighting company awarded the Wi-Fi Alliance's Top 10 Wi-Fi Certifiers of 2020, with double-digit deployment of millions of IoT devices across 45 countries. After raising US$4.1 mil in 2021, nami is preparing for a Series A funding round in Q2 2022.


Mobile communications has brought about profound changes in people's lives. In order to cope with a burst of traffic growth in 2020, the industry is witnessing the arrival of massive device connections, and emerging new services and scenarios, and celebrating the fifth generation of mobile communications.


Mobile communications has brought about profound changes in people's lives. In order to cope with a burst of traffic growth in 2020, the industry is witnessing the arrival of massive device connections, and emerging new services and scenarios, and celebrating the fifth generation of mobile communications.

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Nextivity Acquires Assured Wireless, Expanding Global First Responder Communication Solutions

Nextivity | January 19, 2023

Assured Wireless Corporation, which had the best technology for high-power user equipment (HPUE), has been acquired by Nextivity, which has the best smart cellular coverage solutions. Both companies will benefit from this move. Nextivity will be able to use the HPUE technology of Assured Wireless Corporation, and Assured Wireless Corporation will be able to use the resources of Nextivity. With this purchase, Nextivity can offer the widest range of coverage to the first responder sector, both indoors and outdoors and at the network's edge. By using the HPUE technology from Assured Wireless Corporation, Nextivity will be able to give their customers better network coverage in a lot more places and industries. CEO of Nextivity, Michiel Lotter, said, “We are delighted to welcome the incredible technology and team behind the industry’s leading HPUE technology to our family.” He added, “With Assured Wireless’ patented technology and Nextivity’s global reach, we can better serve the needs of global first responders and essential workers." He further added, "This acquisition further confirms our commitment to the global public safety community.(Source: Businesswire) Nextivity will be able to provide a comprehensive portfolio of solutions to meet all communications needs, anywhere and at any time, with the addition of HPUE technology. Nextivity's public safety product line will now be called the SHIELD family because of the acquisition. This will give first responders access to the latest communication technology, giving them the tools they need to work in any situation. About Nextivity Nextivity is a company that makes better ways for people and businesses to connect through cellular, public safety, and private networking coverage. Their popular CEL-FI product line is powered by their proprietary IntelliBoost chip, which utilizes digital signal-processing to enhance cellular performance and provide unbeatable coverage in over 100 countries. Their solutions are safe for use on networks and are used by over 200 mobile network operators worldwide. Nextivity is based in San Diego, CA, and works closely with partners to design effective solutions for their success.

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UEI Announces Its Smart Thermostat Platform is now Matter and Zigbee Compatible

Universal Electronics | February 07, 2023

On February 6, 2023, Universal Electronics Inc., a leader in wireless universal control solutions for smart home devices, announced that the UEI Smart Thermostat Platform is compatible with Matter and Zigbee at the AHR (Air-conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration) Expo in Atlanta. In addition, the company is showcasing the enhanced capabilities of its next-gen connected thermostat platform, with three marketed variations: UEI TIDE Touch, UEI TIDE Dial, and UEI TIDE Bridge. The UEI Comfort platform is designed for HVAC OEMs, home automation and hospitality solution providers. It supports Wi-Fi, Bluetooth LE, and Zigbee to enable local and cloud connectivity. Created with UEI’s QuickSet® Widget, it works with QuickSet® Cloud and UEI’s Virtual Agent for easy installation, management, and support of advanced climate control systems. The support from the white-label my Nevo mobile app simplifies system installation and support and provides remote management and automation on mobile devices and computers. Later this quarter, Matter will enable the thermostat to discover and interact with third-party Matter sensors and devices and connect to non-Matter sensors. This allows complete integration of the thermostat with smart home systems. The UEI TIDE Dial, the first platform variant, will launch in Q1 2023 and offers a full-color screen display and jog dial for easy navigation of advanced thermostat functions. The UEI TIDE Touch, with a full-size touchscreen color display, will launch later in 2023. Both products are supported by a local rule engine for easy automation and control. The UEI TIDE Bridge lets you remotely install the system interface and wirelessly control the thermostat from anywhere. This makes the system accessible and provides precise temperature control. About Universal Electronics Universal Electronics Arizona-based , Inc. is an innovator in wireless universal control solutions that plans, develops, manufactures, ships, and supports control and sensor technology solutions for home entertainment and smart home devices. UEI partners with numerous Fortune 500 clients, including Vivint Smart Home, Sony, Samsung, LG, Comcast, and Daikin, to serve video, telecommunications, and security service providers, as well as manufacturers of smart homes, televisions, and HVAC systems. Over 35 years, UEI has pioneered ground-breaking technologies like voice control and QuickSet cloud, the leading platform for automated device setup and control worldwide.

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SparkFun, InPlay and Bosch Sensortec Launch Two IoT Development Boards

SparkFun Electronics | February 20, 2023

SparkFun recently announced the release of two new IoT development boards, in partnership with InPlay and Bosch Sensortec: the SparkFun NanoBeaconTM Lite Board - IN100 and the SparkFun NanoBeaconTM Board - IN100. The two versions enable prototyping with the 'Lite' version, followed by using the production version in large installations once the design is complete. These boards are excellent options for wireless sensor monitoring, asset tracking, retail beacons, and even for creating a custom beacon tag for real-time location monitoring. The boards feature the Bluetooth® Low Energy-compliant IN100 NanoBeaconTM from InPlay, which transmits at 2.4GHz. Key features include: Programming-free design: Negates the requirement for embedded software programming; an application-specific PC configuration tool is provided for configuring the IN100 device. Low power: Power consumption is less than one microamp, allowing it to send data packets for long periods on a coin cell battery. Designed for Bosch Sensortec sensors: Ready to integrate the BME280 3-in-1 humidity sensor, which measures humidity, air pressure, and ambient temperature, as well as the BMA400 ultra-low power digital accelerometer breakouts. Qwiic® enabled: Developers can use more than 400 products in the Qwiic® rapid prototyping ecosystem with an onboard Qwiic® connector. Extraordinary Range: up to several hundred meters. NanoBeacon BLE Scanner App: direct connection to the latest available mobile app enables users to effortlessly access and employ data provided by nearby BLE peripherals and beacons. Kirk Benell, CTO at SparkFun, explained, "With its NanoBeacon SoC technology, InPlay delivers an innovative, programming-free solution to the IoT that we're excited to bring to market." He added, "Merging this solution with SparkFun's plug-and-play Qwiic ecosystem delivers a frictionless IoT development solution. Pairing this rapid IoT system with Bosch Sensortec's incredible sensors allows the development and deployment of low-power, high-value IoT sensor nodes in minutes." (Source – Cision PR Newswire) AboutSparkFun Electronics SparkFunElectronics, founded in 2003 and based in Boulder, Colorado, provides access to over 2000 open-source components and widgets, in addition to online tutorials that make technology more accessible. The company assists customers in bringing ideas to life, whether they're building an intelligent weather station, exploring machine learning, constructing a school robot, or prototyping their products. Its mission is to promote electronics literacy and sustainability while supporting individuals exploring the edges of technology. The company is committed to making the world of electronics more approachable and providing the tools needed to help customers solve problems and get creative.

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