Jacobs Acquires Mobility Analytics Leader StreetLight Data, Inc

Jacobs | February 08, 2022

Jacobs announced today it has acquired StreetLight Data, Inc. ("StreetLight"), a pioneer of mobility analytics who uses its vast data and machine learning resources to shed light on mobility, enabling users to solve complex transportation problems. The addition of StreetLight accelerates Jacobs' strategy in growing its end-to-end digital solutions portfolio and focus on ESG, while adding high growth, highly recurring revenue software businesses that offer tremendous value for its clients and the communities they serve.

StreetLight applies proprietary processing technology to location data from millions of mobile devices, connected vehicles, IoT sensors and geospatial databases to measure multimodal travel patterns – and makes them available via its online SaaS (Software as a Service) solution StreetLight InSight®. Designed for smart cities and the transportation industry, the on-demand software provides industry-targeted analytic tools to support critical infrastructure planning, investment and policy decisions.

"The past two years have accelerated structural changes to human mobility, infrastructure and supply chain planning, resulting in increased investments from governments and enterprises around the world. We're also experiencing a critical need for data-driven planning to meet carbon emissions goals, address energy transformation and advance social equity through infrastructure investment," said Jacobs Chair and CEO Steve Demetriou. "There is a global need for solutions that help us better understand the movement of people, goods and services while addressing broader societal challenges, and our acquisition of StreetLight solidifies our leadership in this fast-growing area." 

StreetLight's suite of powerful analytics enables all major transportation verticals to make vastly more informed investment decisions while measuring critical impacts. Delivering more than a modern alternative to traditional measurement methods with months of lead time and limited scope, the company's technology has enabled the industry to solve complex problems, such as planning EV networks ahead of future demand, recommending optimal traffic pattern improvements and helping to ensure equitable transportation access.

"We chose Jacobs because they genuinely share our mission and recognize the importance of StreetLight's digital innovation in adapting their own core practices to the needs of an industry undergoing transformation. They have the global scale to rapidly accelerate client decision making at a pivotal time for infrastructure investment and its impact on climate and society."

StreetLight CEO Laura Schewel

StreetLight has a long track record of supporting transportation agencies at federal, state, regional and city levels, transportation engineering and consulting firms, and private companies spanning the new mobility, automotive, IoT and utility sectors. The company's metrics have informed transportation analyses across every state and province in North America.

Demetriou continued, "We consistently seek to add value for our shareholders, create transformative solutions for our clients, and make a positive difference within our communities. Like Jacobs, StreetLight is purpose-driven and shares in our commitment to create a more connected, sustainable world."

One of the growth accelerators in Jacobs' new strategy is centered on data solutions aligned to high growth markets with increasing margin profiles. Building on its strong foundation of existing technology and data capabilities, the company also recently acquired BlackLynx, an industry-leading edge computing, hybrid-cloud and collection automation technology provider serving the intelligence, defense and critical infrastructure sectors. Jacobs' portfolio of data and technology investments will be leveraged in tandem to create expanded market penetration, growth opportunities and solutions for its clients.

About Jacobs
At Jacobs, we're challenging today to reinvent tomorrow by solving the world's most critical problems for thriving cities, resilient environments, mission-critical outcomes, operational advancement, scientific discovery and cutting-edge manufacturing, turning abstract ideas into realities that transform the world for good. With $14 billion in revenue and a talent force of approximately 55,000, Jacobs provides a full spectrum of professional services including consulting, technical, scientific and project delivery for the government and private sector. 

About StreetLight
StreetLight is a pioneer in the use of Big Data analytics to help transportation professionals solve their biggest problems. Applying proprietary machine-learning algorithms to over four trillion spatial data points over time, StreetLight measures diverse travel patterns and makes them available on-demand via its SaaS platform for mobility, StreetLight InSight®. From identifying sources of congestion to optimizing new infrastructure to planning for autonomous vehicles to enhancing the location of outdoor advertising and business facilities, StreetLight powers more than 10,000 global projects every month. 


What do you know about Internet of Things? This is a phenomenon that makes the mere concept of the World Wide Web different. This M2M network unites all kind of devices and technologies into a single data field and changes the rules for online businesses. Luckyposting performed an analysis and gathered the most recent information on Internet of Things and the way it influences the global market.


What do you know about Internet of Things? This is a phenomenon that makes the mere concept of the World Wide Web different. This M2M network unites all kind of devices and technologies into a single data field and changes the rules for online businesses. Luckyposting performed an analysis and gathered the most recent information on Internet of Things and the way it influences the global market.

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Mindtree Launches Industry-Specific IoT Solutions Built on ServiceNow Connected Operations

Mindtree | October 25, 2021

Mindtree, a global technology services and digital transformation company, today announced an expanded relationship with ServiceNow, the leading digital workflow company that makes work, work better for people. As a partner for ServiceNow® Connected Operations, a proactive system of action for IoT, Mindtree will build industry solutions to help enterprises turn data from their Internet of Things (IoT) infrastructure into actionable business workflows. Mindtree will combine the deep domain, design thinking, IoT, AI, Machine Learning, and analytics expertise of Mindtree NxT, the company's IoT service line, with the capabilities of ServiceNow Connected Operations to enable enterprises in industry sectors such as manufacturing and consumer goods to put their IoT data to work for improved decision-making and smarter operations. By connecting IoT data with digital workflows, ServiceNow Connected Operations enables organizations to realize the full value of their IoT investments, help increase customer satisfaction, and access new business models. Together with Mindtree driving actionable and industry-specific insights, these solutions will allow customers to break down data silos, proactively resolve issues, and evolve collaboration between customers, operations, customer service, and field service. Manufacturing and consumer goods companies are increasingly looking to make better use of the data generated through multiple platforms and legacy operational technology (OT) systems. This means working around operational and data silos between OT and IT, a lack of common processes and tools in floor systems, and an inability to bring all data into a single system of record. Through Mindtree's solutions, these companies will be able to gain greater visibility across the enterprise, mitigate risk, reduce cost, harness a single source of truth for collaborative decision-making, and leverage advanced analytics, data insights, simulation and modelling for better evaluation of their value chains. "The true transformative potential of data can be realised only by using it effectively. Siloed data and disconnected systems can undermine the best of IoT programs. The capabilities of Mindtree NxT alongside ServiceNow and their dedicated Connected Operations team position us well to help enterprises better manage critical infrastructure, deliver superior customer experiences, and drive customer loyalty." Alex Nicholas, Vice President and Head of ServiceNow Business at Mindtree ServiceNow industry partner solutions extend ServiceNow's capabilities to deliver industry-specific applications and services that are tailored to customers' unique digital transformation needs. "Across industries, businesses realize the need for digital workflows to deliver greater operational efficiencies and better customer outcomes," said Jonathan Sparks, Vice President of IoT and Operations Products at ServiceNow. "Together with Mindtree, we're helping move customers in manufacturing and consumer goods beyond dashboards to automate issue resolution with IoT. Combining Mindtree's powerful IoT, AI and Machine Learning capabilities with ServiceNow's leading workflow platform will improve decision-making and drive smart operations while helping customers realize new business outcomes based on business-relevant insights." About Mindtree Mindtree is a global technology consulting and services company, helping enterprises marry scale with agility to achieve competitive advantage. "Born digital," in 1999 and now a Larsen & Toubro Group Company, Mindtree applies its deep domain knowledge to more than 260 enterprise client engagements to break down silos, make sense of digital complexity and bring new initiatives to market faster. We enable IT to move at the speed of business, leveraging emerging technologies and the efficiencies of Continuous Delivery to spur business innovation. Operating in 24 countries across the world, we're consistently regarded as one of the best places to work, embodied every day by our winning culture made up of over 29,700 entrepreneurial, collaborative and dedicated "Mindtree Minds".

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PV Nano Cell | January 05, 2021

PV Nano Cell Ltd. (OTC: PVNNF), (the "Organization"), an inventive supplier of inkjet-based conductive computerized printing arrangements and maker of conductive advanced inks, today declared that it is presenting a progressive 5D (5 Dimensions) Complete Solution. This arrangement empowers Electronics Everywhere and is carefully printing various hardware that power the Internet of Things. This recently presented arrangement use the organization's 3D printed gadgets innovation that utilizes conductive added substance fabricating with large scale manufacturing applications. The IoT (Internet of Things) is a driver for actualizing gadgets all over, and made an industry need to execute added substance advanced large scale manufacturing measures in the assembling of hardware. Computerized added substance producing has demonstrated reasonable and extra applications going from car, sun powered and brilliant urban communities to clinical gadgets, wearables and shopper hardware are executing the advanced methodology. PV Nano Cell is presenting a 5D complete arrangement that carefully prints gadgets and conductive examples for IoT and different applications. The 5D complete arrangement address the 3D printed hardware math, the conductive ink advancement measurement and the printing cycle measurement. The ink improvement measurement remembers area skill for nano-molecule science tending to basic factors, for example, metal burden, steadiness, thickness, vanishing rate and fly capacity. The printing cycle measurement incorporates the printing procedure, printing boundaries and throughput capacities. PV Nano Cell's Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Fernando de la Vega, remarked, "The arrangement we are dispatching today is a consequence of long stretches of involvement creating and printing hardware. We have built up a five levels of opportunity innovation which along with our clients, can handle, create and produce their cutting edge unrivaled electronic gadgets. This arrangement is pertinent to R&D, prototyping, low volume creation and obviously, large scale manufacturing. Utilizing our innovation, clients pick up the serious, uncalled for advantage, innovation organizations should consistently hold. During the advancement of this arrangement, we accomplished some exceptional outcomes in printing implanted inactive segments, filling vias, imprinting on an assortment of substrates and serving various enterprises. With a developing number of enrolled licenses, PV Nano Cell keeps on being at the cutting edge of advancement empowering clients to completely understand the capability of their pioneer innovations." As distributed, PV Nano Cell declared that it is presenting extra computerized conductive inks implied for Solar, Ceramic, Glass, LIFT and Generic Applications. The organization was additionally as of late conceded a patent in Brazil, BR 11 2013 013885-8 A2, Method to Produce Concentrated Dispersions of Nanometric Particles of Silver. As a feature of the organization's business center around large scale manufacturing based repeating incomes, PV Nano Cell additionally as of late reported non-selective key understanding was endorsed with Notion Systems GmbH, a main producer of modern inkjet frameworks for useful materials. The two organizations plan to mutually go to market and offer total arrangements including inks, printers and the printing cycle to be actualized in computerized, large scale manufacturing added substance assembling of printed hardware.

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