NEXCOM and Telco Systems Roll Out Pre-Installed 5G/IoT Solution for Virtual Edge Services Management

NEXCOM | March 24, 2022

NEXCOM, a leading supplier of network appliances, and Telco Systems, a leading provider of edge compute solutions, today announced the availability of a commercial-ready solution for SOHOs and mid-range businesses looking to run virtual workloads at the network edge.

Most business processes and services today run through the cloud. From work from home and data storage services to accessing company servers and sensitive data protection, these processes depend on edge devices that connect to the company's network. To support new business models driven by digital transformation, IT teams need advanced tools for deploying and running services and applications at the network edge, as well as simplifying management, security and maintenance of edge devices.

The joint NEXCOM-Telco Systems offering is based on NEXCOM's DTA 1164W, a 5G-ready desktop uCPE, pre-installed with Telco Systems' Edgility smart edge computing software. With full support for 5G/IoT connectivity, this solution comes ready to support a wide range of cloud native deployments, while its flexible configuration easily adapts to today's dynamic IT environments.

NEXCOM's DTA 1164W uCPE is ideally suited to meet the requirements of SOHO and mid-range enterprises. Its I/O interface features eight Ethernet ports for physical network connectivity to multiple devices, together with an additional wireless route. This uCPE supports Wi-Fi 5/6, 4G LTE, and high-speed reliable 5G connectivity using the Thales Cinterion® MV31-W IoT modem card, which can be operated and managed via Edgility.

"Based on our successful long-term partnership with Telco Systems, we are onboarding their edge compute software onto our 5G uCPE," said Allan Chiu, VP of Network & Communication Solutions at NEXCOM. "This market-ready solution with pre-installed software suits those of our customers who are seeking an easy-to-deploy product for automating edge device management for SD-WAN networks."

About Telco Systems
Telco Systems is a leading vendor of innovative communications software products, for the new generation of edge computing and enterprise networks. Telco Systems enables global enterprises, communications service providers, and system integrators to build and operate sophisticated virtual networks, with powerful edge devices, and endless application schemes. Telco Systems' products are successfully deployed at large carriers and enterprises around the world, delivering a resilient, secured, and flexible connectivity between thousands of branches and the cloud.

Founded in 1992 and headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan, NEXCOM integrates its diverse capabilities and operates six global businesses, including the Network and Communication Solutions (NCS) unit. NCS focuses on the latest network technology and helps to build reliable network infrastructure, by delivering professional design and manufacturing services for customers all over the world. NCS's network application platform is widely adopted in Cyber Security Appliance, Load Balancer, uCPE, SD-WAN, Edge Computing, Storage, NVR, and other network applications for businesses of all sizes.


Bridge IoT device data with core business systems to achieve actionable insights that drive predictable and measurable business outcomes. Download the infographic to learn more about how to increase engagement flexibility for customers.


Bridge IoT device data with core business systems to achieve actionable insights that drive predictable and measurable business outcomes. Download the infographic to learn more about how to increase engagement flexibility for customers.

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