SanCloud Delivers Micron Authenta IoT Cybersecurity Breakthrough with TrustiPhi Integration

TrustiPhi | June 07, 2022

SanCloud and TrustiPhi have announced the integration of TrustiPhi’s Triathlon™ tool into SanCloud’s SanTrack™ IoT Web Platform for the management of Micron Authenta™’s cybersecurity capabilities in SanCloud devices. This move takes advantage of Authenta’s recent integration into Triathlon, providing an unprecedented simplifying and enabling of trusted IoT services and transforming Authenta into a plug-and-play security solution. The powerful combination of all three platforms will allow SanCloud to address the growing cybersecurity demands of its industrial, factory automation and automotive customers for strong hardware-level IoT device security that can be easily deployed and managed at scale.

The Triathlon platform simplifies how SanCloud and its customers can manage the security features for the SanCloud’s BeagleBone Enhanced single-board computers (SBCs) Serving as a plug-and-play platform to configure and control Authenta's security functions, Triathlon shields users from the need to write and decode low-level Authenta flash commands, needed to define the embedded security architecture and generate the multi-factor device identities. Instead, Triathlon manages and abstracts these commands from users so they can now quickly set up Authenta flash to help protect the lowest layers of firmware, ensure protection and integrity, and establish the strong, multi-factor device identity for the cloud services. This flash memory is compatible with standard 8-pin footprints, thus eliminating the need for additional hardware components, and leading to more affordable, scalable and robust IoT solutions.

SanCloud’s BeagleBone Enhanced SBCs are highly capable embedded devices, with a blend of on-board sensors, wireless connectivity, I/O and processing power. They are used by a varied range of industrial customers. Security-critical users of these SBCs now have the option to add Micron Authenta, opening up a range of powerful security features including secure boot, golden image locking, memory block allocation, secure over-the-air updates and device integrity monitoring. The integration allows SanCloud’s IoT customers and users to solve the most critical shortcoming in IoT implementations – IoT device security – with an enterprise-grade solution.

Integration of the SanTrack web platform and Triathlon’s device management enables an ability to remotely update firmware suites (either pre- and post- production) and leverage Authenta’s security capabilities at the device level to help ensure the integrity and security of the newly added firmware suites.

“The combination of SanTrack with Triathlon completes the device management capability of our BeagleBone and Micron Authenta secure flash combination,” said Marc Murphy, Managing Director of SanCloud. “It is now practical and cost-effective for our customers to benefit from a common form factor hardware security layer that is effective and can be added to IoT devices at scale, coupled with the confidence that they can be easily managed throughout their life cycle.”

“This approach to IoT device security offers excellent ease of deployment and usage, Hardware-level security has been the critical missing ingredient in the Internet of Things. We are very excited about the potential for many security-critical industries to integrate with SanTrack, BeagleBone, and Micron’s Authenta solution, and leverage Triathlon to maximize their benefits from Authenta’s security capabilities.”

Ari Singer, CTO of TrustiPhi

"Through this collaboration with SanCloud and TrustiPhi, we are making what used to be a complex sequence – enabling a trusted IoT service – much simpler for end customers," said Luis Ancajas, director of IoT security solutions at Micron. “The combination of SanTrack's scalable, cloud-based IoT platform and Triathlon's straightforward management of Authenta’s powerful security capabilities will lead to better user experiences and business outcomes for the IoT ecosystem.”

SanCloud assists its customers to boost productivity, lower costs, reduce waste and improve their end users’ experience by leveraging the IoT. Its SanCloud BeagleBone Enhanced SBC range is augmented with IoT integration support and an IoT turnkey solution that extends from device-to-dashboard. With sales in over 40 countries, its diverse customer base spans industries that include automotive, aerospace, industrial equipment, food and drink, energy and utility sectors.

Triathlon is used by leading enterprise-grade hardware manufacturers to manage fleets of hardware-secured digital devices.

About SanCloud
SanCloud assists manufacturers to boost productivity, lower costs, reduce waste and improve their customers’ experience by leveraging the Internet of Things (IoT). Customers can deploy SanCloud’s IoT solution within their manufacturing operations or as an enhancement to their manufactured products – empowering you, your teams or your customers with real time data, new insights, and control.

About TrustiPhi
Founded in 2014, TrustiPhi builds innovative security solutions, from the Triathlon IoT security management platform to highly customized projects for technology providers. TrustiPhi designs and develops security products and subsystems for connected devices in sectors that include critical infrastructure, manufacturing, defense and aviation, election technology, and transportation. Working intensively with Micron to bring its Authenta solution to market, TrustiPhi also created Triathlon, a solution for securely provisioning, updating, monitoring and updating IoT endpoint devices at fleet-level scale.



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