Semtech Unveils Refreshed Brand After Sierra Wireless Acquisition

Semtech | March 10, 2023 | Read time : 01:20 min


On March 09, 2023, Semtech Corporation, a company specializing in IoT systems, high-performance semiconductors, and cloud connectivity services, revealed a refreshed brand reflecting its redefined identity and vision following its Sierra Wireless acquisition. Semtech's offering now encompasses a broad Cloud-to-chip portfolio of products and services, including various cellular routers and modules, semiconductors, software, and connected services designed to simplify and boost digital transformation.

The modernized brand represents the combination of the two companies' strengths in semiconductors, connectivity, and the Internet of Things. In addition, the company's focus on sustainable technology solutions for data centers, IoT, and consumer devices is reflected in the new color palette and redesigned logo.

Semtech's LoRa®-enabled sensing solutions are addressing real-world issues across industries such as smart homes, smart cities, smart health care, manufacturing, and agriculture. From conserving natural resources to monitoring endangered species to lowering food waste, a variety of LoRa®-enabled solutions exist around the world to directly address sustainability issues. Additionally, cellular IoT enables a new level of data-driven insights and efficiencies.

By combining the ultra-low power advantages of LoRa® with higher bandwidth functionalities of cellular, the company is delivering a comprehensive, streamlined, and scalable IoT platform to empower more IoT use cases, rapid adoption, simpler integration, and a shorter time-to-market. In addition, its protection business aids in eradicating e-waste, while its signal integrity business provides low-power solutions for renowned data centers. The company's new visual identity reflects its incredible array of technology solutions, modern outlook, and emphasis on sustainability.

About Semtech

Semtech Corporation is a California-based technology solutions provider specializing in IoT systems, high-performance semiconductors, and cloud connectivity services. Its goal is to foster a smarter, more connected, and more sustainable world through innovative technology solutions. Its global teams work to empower solution architects and application developers to create groundbreaking products for infrastructure, industrial, and consumer markets. Founded in 1960, the company has become a multinational technology innovator, tackling complex design challenges to impact society and the environment positively.



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Semtech Releases Inaugural Corporate Sustainability Report

businesswire | May 04, 2023

Semtech Corporation (Nasdaq: SMTC), a high-performance semiconductor, IoT systems and Cloud connectivity service provider, today announced it has released its inaugural Corporate Sustainability report. “I am excited to present Semtech’s first Corporate Sustainability report, which incorporates both companies - Sierra Wireless and Semtech, and reflects our commitment to advancing the global sustainability agenda and aligning with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs),” said Julie McGee, Semtech’s senior vice president, chief marketing officer and chief environmental, social and governance (ESG) officer. “Our vision is to deliver high-quality, innovative solutions that enable a smarter, more connected and sustainable planet,” continued Mrs. McGee. “Semtech has been at the forefront of developing products for environmental and social good including our Advanced Protection and Sensing Products which extend product life and reduce e-waste, our IoT products which deliver low-power IoT connectivity solutions, and our Signal Integrity Products that reduce infrastructure costs and power consumption. We are now expanding our efforts as a combined company to help to create a better world.” Semtech’s products contribute to the global sustainability agenda by enabling its customers to deliver solutions that help address a majority of the UN SDGs, and help solve some of the biggest challenges facing the planet including energy management, natural resource reduction, pollution control and infrastructure efficiency. The company’s products and technologies include, among others, the preeminent LPWAN technology LoRa®, Signal Integrity analog and mixed signal products that help lower the power used by data center networks, and Advanced Protection products that protect circuitry to limit e-waste. In addition, Semtech’s product suite now also includes the recently acquired Sierra Wireless family of products that are enabling critical connections in IoT that support many of the UN SDGs. As part of its commitment, Semtech has set four goals and areas of focus for CY2023 and beyond, aligned with the UN SDGs: Products for social and environmental good - design products and solutions that enable a smarter, more connected and sustainable planet Build a sustainable supply chain - partner with suppliers to ensure its supply chain is socially and environmentally responsible Reduce our operating impact on the environment - develop energy management, climate change and water security plans including setting GHG emissions reduction targets Enhance our thriving workplace - continue to develop a thriving workplace to maximize the employee experience, maintain our employer of choice rating to attract and retain top talent, and increase representation of women and underrepresented groups across the workforce, including sales, technical and leadership roles Semtech acquired one of the world’s leading IoT solutions providers, Sierra Wireless, earlier this year, bringing together the ultra-low power benefits of LoRa with higher bandwidth capabilities of cellular to create a new IoT Chip-to-cloud systems leader. The combined companies present numerous possibilities to advance sustainability. About Semtech Semtech Corporation (Nasdaq: SMTC) is a high-performance semiconductor, IoT systems and Cloud connectivity service provider dedicated to delivering high quality technology solutions that enable a smarter, more connected and sustainable planet. Our global teams are dedicated to empowering solution architects and application developers to develop breakthrough products for the infrastructure, industrial and consumer markets.

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MCCI and Nordic Propeye Partner to Distribute Innovative IoT Products in the US Market

Newswire | June 01, 2023

MCCI, a leading systems engineering provider, is excited to announce a strategic partnership with Nordic Propeye, a renowned provider of cutting-edge IoT solutions. This collaboration aims to distribute innovative IoT products to the US market, empowering businesses and consumers to build smarter communities. As the world becomes increasingly connected, IoT emerged as a transformative force across industries, enabling smart and interconnected systems that enhance productivity and improve everyday life. After working with Passive House NY and The Things Network NY, MCCI is thrilled about this new partnership. Terry Moore, CEO of MCCI, stated, "Our collaboration with Nordic Propeye is a significant milestone in bringing the latest innovations to our clients. Integrating their cutting-edge IoT products positions us to meet evolving market needs." Nordic Propeye, a recognized leader in IoT technology, is equally enthusiastic about the partnership. Boris de Bruin, Head of Marketing at Nordic Propeye, stated, "Teaming up with MCCI provides us with an excellent opportunity to expand our reach and introduce our advanced IoT solutions to a wider audience. Together, we aim to empower organizations and individuals with connected devices that digitize buildings, helping save resources and improving indoor climate to create a more sustainable future". This partnership will offer IoT products across sectors like smart homes, industrial automation, healthcare, and transportation. These innovative offerings optimize operations, streamline workflows, provide real-time insights for businesses, and enhance the connected lifestyle for consumers. Combining MCCI's market presence, technical expertise, and customer-centric approach with Nordic Propeye's IoT technologies and solutions drives innovation and provides comprehensive IoT solutions tailored to the US market. See the newly available OY1211 LoRaWAN® CO2 meter US915 now. About MCCI MCCI is a leading technology solutions provider with expertise in IoT, USB, custom hardware and software development, and systems engineering. MCCI deploys a proven methodology to support sustainable product development lifecycles and compatibility risk mitigation. AboutNordic Propeye Nordic Propeye has over 20 years of experience with digitization of residential housing buildings and has pioneered the Internet of Things industry with strong expertise in radio technology. The company connects over 60,000 apartments today and runs energy savings solutions on over ten million sq. ft. of property. The company has made it its mission to help its customer to make their real estate and condominiums lean, clean and green.

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Buildings IOT Open Sources its Ontology Alignment Project to Improve Interoperability in the Built Environment

businesswire | April 28, 2023

As building owners seek tools to help them simplify and better understand the data their building management systems are collecting, Buildings IOT has made its OAP (Ontology Alignment Project) available as open source. The open-sourced OAP facilitates engagement with partners, enabling the company’s customers or value-added resellers (VARs) to view the data and make any needed additions directly into the source code. Open-sourcing of OAP provides a level of transparency to allow Buildings IOT to demonstrate a commitment to sharing data and gathering community input. “By open-sourcing OAP, we’ve opened up the ability for conversations that help us better align with the needs of the built environment,” explains Brian Turner, CEO of Buildings IOT. “Open building automation systems result in easier commissioning, faster troubleshooting, and more reliable, consistent data and reporting, whether for one building or across a portfolio.” Established to improve building management and operations, the ontology includes a data model for a growing, evolving list of systems within the built environment. The OAP consists of a data model that defines both the type and the points associated with systems within the built environment. In addition to providing standard tags for equipment and devices, the OAP also aims to simplify and specify the relationships that define how entities within the building's systems relate to each other. Previously the OAP was only available from the OAP website, as readable documentation limiting the ability for partners and customers to engage. Buildings IOT decided to open-source OAP to enable users to more deeply examine the data and code behind the model. Additionally, users can make pull requests, as they can for any publicly available code repository. Additionally, open-sourcing the OAP enables improved alignment to help facilitate the exchange of data and data models, providing a higher level of interoperability among systems, sensors, and equipment for more effective management and operations within the built environment. Rather than create another naming standard, the OAP unites multiple industry naming and tagging standards and is compatible with real-world integration projects, allowing for translation between other ontologies such as Project Haystack. “By open-sourcing the OAP, we are creating a higher level of interoperability and exchange between other data standards,” explains Rob Vandenberg, CTO of Buildings IOT. “All of the existing data standards understand the interoperability problem within the built environment, and they each attempt to solve it based on their own interpretations of what is needed. The OAP, however, supplements those efforts and improves upon them in a way that is mutually beneficial to everyone.” The OAP makes it easier for integrators to get a site digital-building ready or improve an existing system without requiring duplicative efforts across the technology stack. “Building owners can be confident that the underlying data in their various building systems is normalized, standardized, and vendor-agnostic,” adds Turner. “As buildings and their systems grow in complexity, our goal with open sourcing the OAP is to provide simplicity so that building operations and service managers can capture meaningful insights into commissioning and maintenance activities to meet regulatory initiatives and improve the tenant experience.” About Buildings IOT Buildings IOT simplifies smart buildings with software, services, and solutions for every aspect of building management. Command-and-control from a single pane of glass, analytics enhanced by machine learning, and a building-domain-centric data management platform, Buildings IOT delivers smart buildings that live up to the hype. We also design and install building controls and automation systems, offer IT-managed services and device testing for cybersecurity vulnerabilities, and provide data-driven maintenance to some of the world's largest building portfolios.

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