Swift Navigation and Taoglas Announce Partnership to Bring Integrated Precision GNSS Solutions to Automotive and Industrial Customers

Swift Navigation | March 02, 2022

Swift Navigation, a San Francisco-based tech firm redefining GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) and Taoglas®, a leading provider of advanced technology for a smarter world, have announced a strategic partnership to integrate Taoglas and Swift technologies to deliver pre-tested, low-risk, high-precision GNSS solutions to a broad customer base, including autonomous vehicles, automotive, mobile and mass-market applications.

Starting with the Taoglas EDGE™ Locate IoT platform and EDGE RTK Starter Kit pre-integrated with Swift’s Skylark™ precise positioning service, this partnership will provide seamless positioning solutions for automotive, micromobility, delivery, robotic and industrial customers. Bringing pre-integrated, high-accuracy positioning products to these industries in an easy-to-implement solution will greatly improve the accuracy of the positioning data delivered, creating a multitude of operational efficiencies.

Together, Swift and Taoglas deliver high-precision GNSS solutions to customers around the globe by utilizing Taoglas’ IoT platforms and Swift’s Skylark seamless, cloud-based corrections—available in advanced SSR (State Space Representation) or industry standard formats. The proven performance of Taoglas products with Skylark, allows customers to bypass module-level validation, integration and engineering efforts; Swift and Taoglas have done the work to deliver an out-of-the-box solution.

“Swift Navigation is excited to begin this partnership with Taoglas and align our visions of making accurate positioning easily accessible across industries. We look forward to offering our products as an integrated solution to make it easier for customers across the globe to benefit from affordable and accurate positioning.”

Swift CEO, Timothy Harris

Commenting on the partnership, Ronan Quinlan, Co-Founder and Joint CEO of Taoglas said “We are delighted to be partnering with Swift Navigation to enable companies to overcome the challenges of delivering their high-precision positioning based IoT solutions.” He added “our worldwide team of design, development, test and manufacturing engineers is dedicated to delivering IoT software and hardware solutions on time, the first time for leading technology enterprises.���

Swift Navigation is changing the way we navigate and understand our planet. Swift’s precise positioning technology platform improves location accuracy from several meters to centimeter-level and is used by millions of devices across the globe. Swift’s technology is trusted by users across industries, enabling safer driving, improving efficiency for last-mile delivery and commercial transport operations, increasing accuracy for mobile devices and creating new possibilities for rail, robotics and machine control. 

Taoglas is a leading provider of advanced technology for a smarter world. Our solutions include advanced components and technologies and help OEMs, enterprises, and communities to resolve the complexities of bringing digital transformation solutions to market quickly and cost effectively. Focused on best-in-class, high-performance antenna and RF design with advanced positioning, imaging, audio and artificial intelligence technologies, Taoglas has unique expertise in integrating and commercializing highly complex technology solutions. We utilize this expertise for our home-grown connected smart services such as Taoglas Waste Insights™ as well as being a trusted advisor to OEMs and enterprises regardless of where they are on their digital transformation journey. With world-class design, consultancy and engineering expertise, along with support and test centers globally, Taoglas has proven expertise across the transportation, waste management, connected healthcare, smart cities and smart building industries.


Mobile communications has brought about profound changes in people's lives. In order to cope with a burst of traffic growth in 2020, the industry is witnessing the arrival of massive device connections, and emerging new services and scenarios, and celebrating the fifth generation of mobile communications.


Mobile communications has brought about profound changes in people's lives. In order to cope with a burst of traffic growth in 2020, the industry is witnessing the arrival of massive device connections, and emerging new services and scenarios, and celebrating the fifth generation of mobile communications.

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ST Engineering iDirect Delivers IoT Solution to ARSAT, to Bridge Digital Divide in Remote Areas

ST Engineering iDirect | January 27, 2023

ST Engineering iDirect, a leader in satellite communications, has given its top Internet of Things (IoT) solution to the national telecommunications company of Argentina, ARSAT. The IoT solution is designed to enable organizations and businesses in remote areas to benefit from sensor technology and big data management developments. Customers in hard-to-reach areas will now be able to use strong IoT connectivity thanks to the combination of ST Engineering iDirect's innovative satellite communications technology and ARSAT's reliable network infrastructure. The solution includes an IoT-optimized waveform, a cloud-based network management system, and technology from hiSky, which is a strategic partner of ST Engineering iDirect. This will help ARSAT deal with a variety of problems in the country across different vertical markets. With this cutting-edge solution, customers of ARSAT will have access to a range of IoT solutions, from remote monitoring and asset tracking to smart agriculture and energy management. Regional Vice President, Americas, ST Engineering iDirect, Darren Ludington, said, "As we move towards a new, interconnected era in industry, we can see the plethora of opportunities that IoT can bring to the widest range of industries, businesses, and organizations." He added, "ARSAT is a service provider that aims to stay ahead of the curve and provide its customers with advanced technologies." He further added, "With our IoT solution, we are providing ARSAT with an easy-to-deploy, agile and flexible solution with which they can test the market and expand as and when they are ready to." He concluded, "We are excited to see the positive impact of our solution on ARSAT's business and its end users." (Source - PRNewswire) The solution will also be a very useful tool for disaster recovery and prevention. Users will be able to see important data about things like rainfall and river levels, wildfire threats, deforestation, lack of water, earthquakes, and volcanoes. With the introduction of this advanced solution, ARSAT will be able to provide customers with valuable insights into natural disasters, helping them take preventive measures and prepare for potential disasters. AboutST Engineering iDirect Engineering ST iDirect, a division of ST Engineering, is a world leader in satellite communications (satcom). It offers technology and solutions that help customers grow their businesses, make their services stand out, and improve their satcom networks. It is committed to shaping the future of how people connect around the world. For more than 40 years, it has been coming up with new ideas to solve satellite's biggest economic and technological problems. The iDirect product portfolio represents the highest standards in performance, efficiency, and reliability, allowing its customers to provide the best satcom connectivity experience anywhere in the world. ST Engineering iDirect is a market leader in critical industries such as mobility, broadcast, and military/government. iDirect Government was founded in 2007 to better serve the US government and defense communities.

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emnify Partners with Lynk to Revolutionize IoT Connectivity

emnify | March 02, 2023

emnify, a leading cloud-native IoT cellular connectivity enabler, has recently announced a new technological and strategic partnership with Lynk, a renowned satellite IoT connectivity provider. The collaboration puts emnify at the forefront of an emerging IoT connectivity revolution, with satellite and terrestrial mobile communications systems combining into a unified ‘network of networks’ to achieve more accessible, resilient, and flexible connectivity solutions. Through this collaboration, emnify will offer Lynk's ingenious ‘cell towers in space’ to its customers. To ensure consistent and dependable IoT connectivity, emnify customers can now connect their existing LTE or GSM cellular radio device to Lynk's satellite-based cell towers. The solution will be supported by Lynk's global technology and managed through emnify's proprietary web portal and APIs. Lynk's satellite portfolio will broaden emnify's global coverage outside of terrestrial mobile networks and into international maritime waters with the deployment of three commercial low-Earth-orbit satellites by the end of 2023. VP of Network Access at emnify, Alexander Schebler, says: "Use cases such as environmental monitoring, fish farming, smart metering, and asset tracking in offshore locations and international waters do not require frequent data transfer. However, the ability to establish connectivity without relying on mobile network reception is crucial for collecting meter readings, sensor values, or GPS locations of assets." He added, "This partnership marks the future of IoT connectivity, where satellite and terrestrial mobile communications systems work seamlessly together to provide more resilient, accessible, and flexible connectivity solutions. We are thrilled to be at the forefront of this IoT connectivity revolution and are eager to empower our customers to realize the full value of their device fleets through their existing Emnify Cloud infrastructure." (Source – Cision PR Newswire) About emnify emnify is a leading cloud-based solution for cellular communications in the IoT stack. With the ability to connect millions of IoT devices globally, from electric vehicles to health wearables, its API and SIM technology ensure secure and reliable connectivity for any IoT deployment. The company's cloud-native integrations and no-code workflows allow for easy scalability from local start-ups to global enterprises. The firm's award-winning IoT SuperNetwork is globally distributed, with local network access available in over 180 countries. With partnerships with leading cloud service providers, system integrators, and radio network operators, emnify's solution is the preferred choice for companies of all sizes.

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Quext IoT Expands IP Protection with Five New Patents

Quext | February 17, 2023

On February 16, 2023, Quext, one of the most innovative providers of smart technology solutions for the multifamily industry, announced recently that the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has awarded five new patents protecting its IoT solution. The new patents bolster the company's patent portfolio and recognize the innovation and originality of Quext IoT's smart home solution. Quext holds three patents pertaining to its Quext IoT solution. Quext and iApartments are currently involved in patent infringement litigation, with Quext alleging that the Tampa, Florida-based company infringes on the original patents. iApartments contests the validity of Quext's patents on the basis of alleged 'prior art.' Quext also filed an action with the International Trade Commission (ITC) against iApartments to prevent the importation of its white-labeled smart hubs. The USPTO considered all of iApartments' alleged prior art when granting Quext five new patents and determined that Quext's inventive concepts are novel. Consequently, the new patents strengthen the company's patent portfolio and reaffirm the innovative nature of Quext IoT's solution. Quext utilized one of the new patents recently in a new lawsuit filed in Florida's Middle District against iApartments. As operators themselves, the company designed its solution with operational efficiencies in mind, addressing pain points by remote lock credentialing, extending lock battery life, and reducing onsite hardware to lower maintenance calls, cost, and disruption. Quext IoT's patented solution has proven to be a thoughtful approach to smart apartment technology in multiple ways. Due to its distinctive network architecture, it is an optimal solution for both new construction and existing property retrofits of all classes. About Quext Quext is a smart technology and services enterprise that pioneers exciting innovations that make intelligent decision-making remarkably easy. It reimagined apartment technology with products that work together seamlessly to deliver the most intuitive, user-friendly, all-in-one, cloud-based apartment community hub ever made available. Internet of Things, broadband internet, digital human customer support, and fintech innovations are its fundamental platform innovations. The company, headquartered in Lubbock, Texas, was named the Fierce Wireless IoT Challenge winner in 2020.

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