Tele2 IoT enables electric vehicle wireless charging on the move through a new agreement with Elonroad

Tele2 IoT | November 29, 2021

Tele2 IoT enables electric vehicle wireless charging on the move through a new agreement with Elonroad
Tele2 IoT is taking a step forward in the field of electric vehicle charging infrastructure and towards a sustainable automotive industry by providing connection of equipment to Elonroad, which has developed technology for electric roads where electric vehicles can be charged while driving.

Elonroad, a startup based in Lund, Sweden, has developed a solution in the form of an electric road where all kinds of electric vehicles - cars, buses, and trucks - regardless of manufacturer, can be charged while they are driving. With more and more electric vehicles on the roads, charging while driving will reduce bottlenecks and also enable smaller batteries.

The solution consists of a rail that is integrated with the road by being installed directly on the asphalt. The rails can withstand all weather conditions and short rail segments are driven individually, which provides a high level of safety.

Our smart electric road needs to be connected to the internet in order for us to be able to control, optimize, and collect payments from users. The agreement with Tele2 is business-critical for us on our continued journey, says Karin Ebbinghaus, CEO of Elonroad.

Through 2CONTROL, Tele2 IoT's platform for managing connected devices, Elonroad will be able to monitor and manage its IoT subscriptions. Elonroad's service includes an integrated control system for individual measurement of each vehicle's usage and can also analyze road conditions, such as where there are potential hazards, which can then be communicated to prevent accidents.

Elonroad is an exciting startup with a solution that will be critical to achieve the goal of a fossil-independent vehicle fleet by 2030. By making 5G available, we secure Elonroad's digital solution and ensure a reliable connection. As soon as 5G becomes available where Elonroad builds its electric roads, larger amounts of data that require low latency can e handled, such as the transfer of data from cameras. We are very proud to be a part of Elonroad's continued journey.

Stefan Trampus, EVP B2B at Tele2
About Tele2 IoT
At Tele2 IoT connectivity there is the support at which the world class connectivity and the IoT enabling services enable you to successfully digitize and manage your business. Connectivity is the foundation of IoT, with everything else – SIM cards, connectivity and subscription management platforms, Service Management, access services and professional services – being built upon this essential component of anyone’s IoT solution. So, while everyone’s IoT Journey is different you need a connectivity partner who is ready to help you not only digitize and manage your business, but also innovate and develop it. IoT is continually maturing, with new technological developments and new possibilities taking things to the next level. Having the right connectivity partner who understands where we are as well as where we are going can make the difference between failure and success. Tele2 IoT simply connects the world – and gives the tools needed to make IoT solution a success.

About Elonroad
Elonroad develops a new type of electric road. It´s a conductive rail placed on the road. A pic up on the vehicle connects automaticly and charge the batteries. A holistic charging solution for all electric vehicles – commercial or private, light or heavy, autonomous or not, to use while driving or parked. Data heavy, highly connected and fully automatic! The system can be used to build charging infrastructure such as electric roads, charging stations and opportunity chargers at stops and loading bays.The demonstration of 1km of electric road for a city bus 2020 is in the City of Lund in Sweden.


OjO partners with CalAmp, a technology solutions pioneer, and Taoglas, a leading provider of antennas and RF solutions for the IoT and transportation industries, to help realize its vision for the Electric Scooter Market.

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OjO partners with CalAmp, a technology solutions pioneer, and Taoglas, a leading provider of antennas and RF solutions for the IoT and transportation industries, to help realize its vision for the Electric Scooter Market.