With Transatel, NTT Rolls out New 5G IoT Service in the USA to Accelerate Connected Industries Transformation

Transatel, NTT | May 16, 2022

Transatel - subsidiary of NTT since 2019 - announces the worldwide deployment of a new 5G IoT solution for the industrial, IT and automotive sectors. After France, Belgium and Japan, Transatel’s global 5G IoT services is now available in the USA and will be extended to the rest of the world in the coming months. The announcement follows the recent launch of NTT’s breakthrough Private 5G Network as-a-service platform1.

Starting May 12, NTT will be offering both private and public 5G connectivity in the USA. This mobile broadband continuity of service will prove to be critical for many industries, as IIoT applications process an ever-growing volume of data. Public 5G service will be available through Transatel’s global cellular IoT connectivity platform.

“The Transatel SIM is already an integral part of the NTT Ltd enterprise focused Private 5G solution, giving NTT P5G customers the benefit of having a single SIM serving both their private network needs while also enabling global roaming for enterprises requiring this feature beyond factories and campuses.” said Shahid Ahmed, NTT Ltd. EVP New Ventures and Innovation. The announcement of Transatel’s 5G offer further enhances the NTT P5G offering by allowing continuous 5G coverage between private and public networks. In the past only 4G public coverage was available, thereby limiting the potential business benefit and use case development. "We are excited to launch 5G IoT in the USA and abroad. NTT’s cellular networks hybridation capabilities demonstrates the strong synergies within the group."

Jacques Bonifay, CEO of Transatel, NTT’s global MVNO.

Connected industry and hybrid workplace applications on the front line for 5G

Field operations and distributed workforce will be the first to benefit from 5G broadband connectivity. SIM and eSIM compatible PCs, tablets and enterprise routers will now support data-intensive applications with unprecedented reliability and fluidity. “5G is a revolution for the IT industry as it offers significantly superior performances, security and user experience compared to WIFI. Very soon, most PCs and tablets sold on the market will be 5G ready, with cellular connectivity modules embedded.” predicts Jacques Bonifay, who has been supporting leading Always-Connected PC manufacturers in this transformation for several years.

Industrial IoT and M2M use cases are also good candidates for 5G. Edge Computing and Artificial Intelligence based applications such as Video Content Analysis (VCA), push-to-talk, as well as autonomous robots and vehicles require ever growing volumes of data. The higher bandwidth and lower latency of public and private 5G connectivity addresses these new challenges while offering manufacturers new transformation and innovation opportunities.

About Transatel (subsidiary of NTT Ltd.)
Transatel is a global Mobile Virtual Network Operators Enabler and cellular connectivity solutions provider for the industry, IT and automotive sectors. Pioneer in machine-to-machine (M2M) communication, our global 3G/4G/5G and LTE-M connectivity platform enables IoT applications including sensors, trackers, mobile and enterprise edge devices, as well as connected vehicles and aircraft, worldwide. Transatel currently manages more than 3 million SIM and eSIM profiles across more than 190 destinations for customers such as Airbus, Stellantis, Worldline, and Jaguar Land Rover.



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Attune receives SOC2 Compliance Standard Certification for Comprehensive and Flexible Sensor Platform for Digital Transformation

prnewswire | April 10, 2023

Attune, an industry leader with the most comprehensive and flexible sensor platform delivering needed real-time data for digital transformation, today announced that it has received the SOC 2 Type 1 compliance standard certification. The SOC 2 compliance certification distinguishes organizations as leaders in cybersecurity industry standards and data protection. Developed by the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA), the SOC 2 compliance report is a voluntary compliance for companies that adhere to the highest standard of security confidentiality. Through extensive auditing procedures, SOC 2 aims to monitor companies' internal security controls and data privacy continuously. Additionally, SOC 2 provides assurance of trust and transparency in Attune's cloud service operations, processes and results. "For a company whose central mission is to protect and provide customers with data, SOC 2 certification legitimizes everything we do. It's a gold medal in this industry," said Serene Almomen, CEO and co-founder of Attune. "Our technology innovations have already been awarded with 50 patents, but this certification is the icing on the cake as we continue to expand." Attune's IoT technology stack delivers the complete solution by integrating an IoT Cloud Core with configurable, solution-ready IoT Edge hardware designed for rapid installation at a monitoring site. Our partners are assured of having access to needed real-time data/analytics, such as energy consumption, indoor air quality, water, and critical equipment status, to drive their real-time service applications. "Attune is dedicated to earning the trust and safety of our customers and keeping their data secure. We recognize the importance of providing extensive privacy and data measures to protect our products, Internet of Things (IoT) services, and users," said Julien Stamatakis, CTO, and co-founder of Attune. "The SOC 2 certification validates our efforts, and we are thrilled to be recognized as a leader in providing our customers with that reassurance." Attune's Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) sensors were the first in North America to receive UL-2905 providing real-time assurance into critical areas of indoor air quality situational awareness and alerts when air threats occur. Its detection technology detects changes in temperature, humidity, energy consumption, risk of water leaks, and equipment status. About Attune Attune is a first-of-its-kind flexible Internet of Things (IoT) sensor platform with 50 patents to its technology innovations. It delivers needed real-time data for digital transformation and provides real-time assurance for schools, office buildings, and hospitals in critical areas such as indoor air quality, energy consumption, risk of water leaks, critical equipment status, and more. Attune is the only customizable indoor air quality monitoring solution on the market.

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Syniverse Recognized as Leading 5G Roaming Vendor in Latest Kaleido Intelligence Study

Businesswire | May 29, 2023

Syniverse, "the world's most connected company,"® has been recognized by consulting and market research firm Kaleido Intelligence as one of the best vendors to enable 5G roaming for operators in its "5G Roaming: Consumer and IoT Strategies 2023" report. The report analyzes the 5G roaming landscape, assessing key trends, developments, and requirements. It also offers feedback from leading operator groups about 5G opportunities and revenue drivers, technical specifications for mobile network operators (MNOs), and an outlook on the market. "Being named as one of Kaleido Intelligence's top vendors for 5G roaming solutions once again demonstrates Syniverse's unparalleled track record of successfully guiding operators through network transformations, which we have done for more than 30 years," remarked Andrew Davies, Chief Executive Officer, Syniverse. "As Kaleido's report details, more than 85% of participating MNOs plan to launch 5G standalone roaming by the end of 2025. We will continue providing best-in-class service as they build out their next-generation networks as well as facilitating uninterrupted service for their subscribers, regardless of where they may travel." Kaleido Intelligence estimates that consumer mobile and Internet of Things (IoT) devices will exceed 5,000 petabytes of 5G data roaming traffic globally by 2028, when approximately 100 million machine-to-machine (M2M) connections will roam over 5G networks. That data represents 78% average annual growth, and it will account for more than 70% of worldwide data roaming traffic and lead to nearly $100 billion in roaming revenues for mobile operators over the next five years. Syniverse was one of six vendors spotlighted in the report, which singled out the company's 5G Signaling Controller as a leading 5G technology evolution. 5G Signaling Controller is an HTTP2-based solution designed specifically to efficiently enable roaming for 5G standalone networks and deliver 5G experiences and market opportunities. The report also highlighted the value of Syniverse's voice-over-LTE (VoLTE) roaming solutions, which can be deployed by MNOs with their roaming partners to provide a seamless experience for subscribers. The most recent and first-of-its-kind capability, Evolved Mobility for Outbound Roaming, is a cloud-based feature introduced in February to complement Evolved Mobility for Inbound Roaming. Together, the products allow MNOs retiring their 3G networks to serve roamers with VoLTE-enabled devices to and from roaming partners who have not yet launched VoLTE. About Syniverse Syniverse is the world’s most connected company. We seamlessly connect the world’s networks, devices, and people so the world can unlock the full power of communications. Our secure, global technology powers the world’s leading carriers, top Forbes Global 2000 companies, and billions of people, devices, and transactions every day. Our engagement platform delivers better, smarter experiences that strengthen relationships between businesses, customers, and employees.

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Tenstorrent Partners with LG to Build AI and RISC-V Chiplets for Smart TVs of the Future

prnewswire | June 05, 2023

Tenstorrent and LG Electronics Inc. (LG) are pleased to announce that they are collaborating to build a new generation of RISC-V, AI, and video codec chiplets to potentially power LG's premium TV and automotive products of the future and Tenstorrent's data center products. Through this collaboration, LG, a global leader in the production of innovative consumer electronics and home appliances, will receive from Tenstorrent artificial intelligence and RISC-V CPU technology that is ideally suited to drive AI-enhanced features and high-performance computing in LG's future premium TV's, high-performance automotive chips and other smart products. Tenstorrent's innovative and industry-leading AI and RISC-V CPU technology will enrich LG's portfolio of technology and eventually enable LG to differentiate their chip solutions in their competitive market segments. Led by industry veteran and legendary CPU architect CEO Jim Keller, Tenstorrent is the only company with the right technology that enables LG to take control of their own silicon roadmaps. LG's video codec technology has consistently been a crucial part of the TV SoCs that have been employed in premium TVs for more than 10 years. Tenstorrent and LG will collaborate at chiplet-level and/or IP-level to deliver video processing capability into Tenstorrent's future data center products. Video is responsible for 65% of all internet data volume and increasing rapidly (in 2022, Sandvine). "It is increasingly important for industry leaders to own their silicon future," said Jim Keller, CEO of Tenstorrent. "LG is a giant in our industry, and this collaboration will strengthen their portfolio of technologies for their future chip solutions, providing greater flexibility to differentiate their products." "This collaboration is just a beginning. Tenstorrent's market leading AI and RISC-V CPU technologies will strengthen SoC competitiveness of LG's future products while our long-time proven video codec technology will help Tenstorrent take control of data center high-performance processor markets," said Byoung-hoon Kim, CTO of LG. "Chiplets will be tested through this collaboration to see whether they can become a technology platform of collaboration. Tenstorrent and LG will share technology roadmaps and keep extending the scope of collaboration." About Tenstorrent Tenstorrent is a next-generation computing company that builds computers for AI. Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, with U.S. offices in Austin, Texas, and Silicon Valley, and global offices in Belgrade, Tokyo, and Bangalore, Tenstorrent brings together experts in the field of computer architecture, ASIC design, advanced systems, and neural network compilers. Tenstorrent is backed by Eclipse Ventures and Real Ventures, among others.

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