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Nlyte Software Releases First Cognitive DCIM Solution Powered by IBM Watson IoT

July 24, 2018 / Ken Briodagh

Nlyte Software, a data center infrastructure management (DCIM) software company, recently announced the availability of its first cognitive DCIM Solution. Nlyte Machine Learning is designed to leverage IBM Watson IoT’s artificial intelligence capabilities to head-off potential data center power and performance issues while also optimizing workload infrastructure operations and ultimately workload placement. Announced on May 1, Nlyte has embedded IBM’s Watson IoT suite to create Nlyte Machine Learning, incorporating Collection, Analysis and Action, the three pillars of analytics. This reportedly first of its kind cognitive DCIM solution brings sophistication to data center management where environmental, edge computing, containerized deployment, hybrid IT and multi-cloud environmental data is captured, normalized and analyzed by Watson IoT for optimal outcomes based on key patterns. Nlyte’s core offerings, including Nlyte Energy Optimizer (NEO) and Nlyte Asset Optimize...