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AT&T and Ericsson partner up for IoT cybersecurity

September 27, 2018 / IoT News

According to AT&T, only 10% of its surveyed organisations say they are confident about their devices having sufficient security measures in place. The operator has seen an increase in vulnerability scans of IoT devices at the company in the last two years. This was the primary reason that AT&T teamed up with Ericsson to make it feasible for businesses to get the baseline testing and validation done, in order to make their devices more secured. The aforementioned new testing service is offered via the Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association‘s latest Cybersecurity Certification Programme. The aim is to detect device susceptibilities to cyber attacks that could negatively affect the data collected and sent across communications networks. AT&T is not the only American telecom organisation that Ericsson is working with in advancing the IoT.