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Anticipated IoT trends in 2019

December 09, 2018 / bigdata

The IoT market is a great barometer for how human interaction with machines and information continues to evolve. Its progress is everywhere you look too, touching nearly all market areas and businesses at every stage. While 2018 was a milestone year for IoT adoption, the trends we’re seeing across our industrial customers indicates more growth, sophistication and traction is just around the corner. Some of the main factors driving this momentum includes: More industrial companies are turning to mixed edge and cloud solutions for their IoT deployments Industrial companies have typically rejected the cloud in favor of on-premise technology to meet their stringent security requirements. However as more companies familiarize themselves with the cloud and what it is capable of, trust will build throughout the industrial sector, with many businesses even preferring cloud solutions. As confidence grows, these organizations will also harness the power of the cloud mixed with edge computi...