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India’s Kellton Tech implements IoT platform in oil and gas industry

January 07, 2019 / Business Wire

Hyderabad-based IT services firm Kellton Tech has announced the successful implementation of its cloud-based artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled internet of things (IoT) platform Optima for a company in the oil and gas industry. The company said in a news release on its website that Optima connects multiple wells with controllers and analog and digital sensors to its proprietary IoT edge device Envision. The device is a remote communication modular IoT Gateway that provides access to real-time data acquisition, transmission, processing, computation, and control from remote oilfield well sites and gathering stations located on land or offshore across the globe. Kellton Tech said the device can also be connected to any third-party platform and reduces operating cost by enabling remote monitoring, equipment protection, and onsite automation. “Businesses can now see when a device needs servicing, with problems being anticipated and addressed before they even occur, allowing customer...