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IoT Trends 2019: Where We're At and Where We're Heading

January 10, 2019 / David Roe

It is clear that IoT enables organizations to extend their reach directly to their customers. For example, if a device is sold through a partner or retail channel, the original vendor can now connect directly with their customers bypassing the channel. And it also allows for new interactions and creation of new ecosystems. However, according to Andrew Hatfield of Mesosphere, many challenges still remain they include the following. Only 20 percent of new potential interaction points will deliver new revenue. The explosion of IoT and the uncertainty of what will produce revenue is already leading to the need for additional predictive analytics. As organizations scale IoT products, performing machine learning and AI on the Edge will become necessary as customers demand fast and accurate response times. Connecting these new IoT enabled products to existing enterprise IT applications is a priority for most organizations, but will create problems.