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Monnit Launches 4G LTE Gateway for IoT Sensors

January 31, 2019 / Business Wire

Monnit Corporation (monnit.com) today announced the release of a new cellular gateway to meet the global demand for enterprise IoT deployment. The Monnit® 4G LTE International Gateway is based on a 4G LTE CAT-M1/ NB1 wireless engine and integrates Monnit's wireless access point network (WAN) for use with Monnit Wireless Sensors. The gateway allows the sensors to operate on the world’s leading cellular networks. “The Monnit 4G LTE International Gateway offers the best-in-class security, connectivity and reliability that customers around the world expect from Monnit,” said Brad Walters, CEO, Monnit. “We are constantly looking for ways to add value for enterprise customers. One of the challenges in the IoT space is the rapid pace of cellular hardware obsoletion. 4G LTE will give customers a solid cellular communication option for years to come.”