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Ayro accelerates into the future with Ford’s Autonomic connected car platform

August 22, 2019 / Ryan Daws

Autonomic, a subsidiary of Ford, has partnered with electric vehicle manufacturer Ayro to develop a range of services for mobility applications.Ayro develops emissions-free, electric light-duty vehicles for commercial and consumer markets. Autonomic is a cloud platform desi. Gavin Sherry, Co-Founder and CEO of Autonomic, said:“At Autonomic, we designed our platform to accelerate the progress of connected vehicles and it’s a privilege to work with Ayro, one of the most visionary EV companies on the market.Already, they’re poised for incredible growth and our Transportation Mobility Cloud will accelerate that.” According to BloombergNEF, over two million electric vehicles were sold last year. Meanwhile, some analysts are predicting 25 million sold in 2025. That’s a potentially huge pie and Autonomic and Ayro will be hoping for their slice of it.