AI led Digital Transformation of Manufacturing: Time is NOW


Digital Transformation of Manufacturing
As we evolve from pandemic to next normal world, 36% of manufacturers are already engaged on AI projects and 23% more have plans to use AI in coming months to unlock the anticipated trillions of dollars in value in industrial sectors. Based on the lessons learned during the pandemic they are all seeking the best way to achieve new levels of productivity, safety and agility by unlocking the AI driven insights from petabytes of data they harvest from their connected factories.
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We recently launched the ASUS IoT sub-brand to bring attention to our impressive range of AIoT technologies. Many of our latest IoT technologies are on full display in our new headquarters building in Taipei.


The Top 10 Emerging Trends and Technologies Driving the Future of IoT


What are the top 10 emerging trends and technologies that will drive the Internet of Things (IoT) over the next five years? In this complimentary IoT webinar, Gartner expert Nick Jones dives into a wide array of IoT concerns, including on-chip identity, security, and AI ethical IoT; novel wireless networks; infonomics; IoT governance models; and edge and fog architectures. We'll also identify some technologies which are important but more niche or over-hyped and will take a long time to reach their full potential.
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Successful Monetization of Digital Offerings in IoT – Webinar

As the IoT has developed it has become apparent that software is the element of the device that drives the ability to differentiate and deliver ongoing customer value. It's clear that to be a successful IoT device company, you have to be a successful software company. And successful software companies have learned to optimize al
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Designing low-power applications for LTE-M and NB-IoT LPWA networks

Altair Semiconductor

If you’re thinking of deploying a battery or solar operated application or just require very low power for your IoT deployment, this webinar on LTE-M and NB-IoT is for you. Learn the main differences between the cellular LPWAN technologies and the power saving techniques required on both the network and device side to ensure your deployments last for years in the field. We’ll also discuss the merits of going directly to the deep edge to get your data versus relying on a gateway to do the collection.
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Improving Speed to Market for IoT Devices Using Engineering and Manufacturing Partners


As the amount and value of IoT edge business opportunities continue to grow, OEMs ranging from the earliest of seed-stage companies to those with decades of experience all have an overarching goal in mind. In this webinar, premium sensing solutions company Setra Systems and their design engineering and manufacturing services partner Benchmark will explore the development and deployment of the Setra Power Meter, an IoT edge device leveraging learning-derived algorithms to triage and process information quickly.
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