AI led Digital Transformation of Manufacturing: Time is NOW

Digital Transformation of Manufacturing
As we evolve from pandemic to next normal world, 36% of manufacturers are already engaged on AI projects and 23% more have plans to use AI in coming months to unlock the anticipated trillions of dollars in value in industrial sectors. Based on the lessons learned during the pandemic they are all seeking the best way to achieve new levels of productivity, safety and agility by unlocking the AI driven insights from petabytes of data they harvest from their connected factories.
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5G, Network & IoT Cybersecurity

The increased demand for connectivity and 5G network-enabled IoT solutions is causing technology providers, telcos, agencies to rush to be first to market, clamoring for dominance in a relatively new, untapped market. This wave of competition may push some orgnisations to sacrifice security testing for speed, allowing potential vulnerabilities to remain hidden in the entire value chain of 5G, network and IoT.
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Bend or Break? Billing for B2B IoT with Numerex and LogiSense


By attending this webinar you’ll hear from Numerex and LogiSense on the new demands IoT will place on pricing and billing, including: - Required agility necessary to manage the nuances of IoT business models - What end-to-end solutions mean to your company and why they matter - The impact of convergence on your offerings - True impact of "cost of ownership"
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Industrial IoT Advanced Training

Factana Academy, a unit of Factana Computing Inc is committed to facilitate technical learning and development. The Academy principally aims at familiarizing emerging technologies of Factory 4.0. Topics ranging from general IoT and IIoT to product-specific functionalities and operations in the real world will be presented and discussed. Technical trainers from Factana Academy will conduct the Live sessions for equipped learning.
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Service Providers jump to the front of 5G and IoT: Global and SEA perspectives

5G is ready for business and deployment has started. It brings new market opportunities both in the consumer space and for enterprises. Our experts will share insights and reflections from both global and local perspective about the enabling technologies for 5G and IoT and also the emerging Service Provider business strategies.
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