AI led Digital Transformation of Manufacturing: Time is NOW

Digital Transformation of Manufacturing
As we evolve from pandemic to next normal world, 36% of manufacturers are already engaged on AI projects and 23% more have plans to use AI in coming months to unlock the anticipated trillions of dollars in value in industrial sectors. Based on the lessons learned during the pandemic they are all seeking the best way to achieve new levels of productivity, safety and agility by unlocking the AI driven insights from petabytes of data they harvest from their connected factories.
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Cyber Security Digital Summit - Mobile And IoT Security For Good And Bad

Sony Mobile Communications

As the Internet of Things connects more and more everyday devices, previously closed systems are opened up for remote access and control. Assessing your readiness to tackle these threats is vital. In this session, Jorgen Hjort looks at how we can use strategies from the now mature mobility security market to better secure IoT devices.
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How IoT is Transforming Mineral Exploration


Learn about the digital imperative for minerals exploration, the technologies that will have the greatest impact and the hurdles to getting it done.
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Connecting the Unconnected with AWS IoT


AWS IoT is a new managed service that enables Internet-connected things (sensors, actuators, devices, and applications) to easily and securely interact with each other and the Cloud. In this webinar, we showcased why IoT is shaping the future of our daily lives and how AWS allows you to manage thousands of devices or WebSockets, how to set up the Rules Engine and process streams of events in a Serverless fashion.
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Introduction to IoT for Decision Makers


Join us for a discussion about the business value that IoT (Internet of Things) technologies bring to companies of all sizes by connecting people, assets, processes, and systems. When you use Azure IoT to connect your business, the opportunities are endless.
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