No-code IT/OT convergence with an Industrial IoT hub

Industrial IoT
In this webinar, we’ll explain how an IIoT edge hub bridges the gap by collecting, parsing and storing machine/sensor data, and making it accessible via standard protocols such as MQTT and SQL  – all without the need to write a single line of code.
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Meet Your IoT Development Deadlines Despite The Supply Chain

Component shortages and supply chain disruptions have created havoc with the production of industrial devices which can make it a challenge to meet your IoT development deadlines. Digi International is no exception. We’ve had our share of challenges in obtaining components for Digi XBee® modules, which greatly impacted product availability to our customers.
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Renesas RL78 and SecureRF: Securing Ultra Low-Power MCUs at the Edge of the IoT

Renesas Electronics

IoT security issue are well known, but not easily addressed. Most security tools use methods developed for our 64-bit laptops, tablets, or smartphones that are not well-suited for the low resource 8-,16- or 32- bit devices that are the foundation of the IoT today. These security methods are also typically computationally intensive—putting both a time-to-compute and energy burden on battery-powered devices. In this webinar, we will learn how the Renesas-SecureRF partnership uniquely delivers a practical and secure identification and authentication solution that meets the easy-to-deploy, low-power requirements of IoT edge nodes.
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Influence of Mobile Apps in the Growth of Internet of Things

Organization to man management to accessing future technology such as VR and IoT, mobile apps are constantly redefining how we interact with the world. IoT refers to the Internet of Things – it is a concept that envisages all machines to be connected to the Internet, to send and receive data, making it possible to control them remotely. Conceptualized in the late 90s, today, IoT is a reality, thanks to the advancements in mobile technology, particularly the growing demand for mobile apps that have revolutionized how people interact with machines in their daily lives.
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SIM-ply Secure – Leveraging the SIM to Create a Trusted IoT


The SIM is the only common component across all types of cellular IoT devices, providing a trusted and standardised foundation for the Internet of Things. Being hardware security certified, the SIM offers a robust layer of security to any cellular connected device or solution.
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