Telecom Predictions for the Future of 5G

Future of 5G
The entire telecom ecosystem is preparing for the launch of 5G, from the mobile operators deploying the ultra-fast low-latency networks to the IoT businesses, telecommunication services, and standard committees that also play vital roles in its rollout.

IoT Marketing’s new webinar series, Industry Insights, returns with a focus on 5G for the telecom industry. Register to attend our “Telecom Predictions for the Future of 5G,” webinar to find out the promise of 5G, the challenges facing 5G’s rollout, and what industry experts predict for the future of 5G and what we can expect next.
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Increasing Smart Port Digitalization with 5G Private Wireless Network

In response to the rising demands of cargo volume and vessels size in catching up with the global trading hubs, port terminals are looking to improve operational efficiency and increase productivity. Meanwhile, port authorities must also ensure that they remain attractive by enhancing their smart port journey with the availability of critical infrastructure.
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Build Your IoT Application in Minutes

The Taoglas EDGE Portfolio is a complete edge-to-cloud enablement platform including hardware, software and connectivity. In this webinar, you’ll learn how the EDGE Portfolio: Enables real-time insights and intelligence to help your enterprise save costs, increase revenue and enhance compliance.
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Mitigating IoT Security Vulnerabilities with MQTT

IoT deployments carry inherent risks like undeterred access to devices, poor connectivity and a very large threat surface. With ever-increasing incidents of intrusion, denial of service, spoofing attacks, etc., businesses must take a strategic view of IoT security. IoT developers and Solutions Architects know that a solid security architecture for IoT will require encryption, authentication, and authorization to run at scale. However, today, IoT security needs a different paradigm than IT security – here is where MQTT comes in to help in mitigating IoT security vulnerabilities.
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Rethinking Retail with IoT

Consumer buying patterns are shifting, which is accelerating digital transformation in retail. Personalized customer experiences are increasing in demand, along with the need for simplified ordering and payment processes. Just-in-time inventory and online shopping complicate the once simple process for retail businesses to sell goods in traditional brick and mortar stores, increasing the need for connected solutions to oversee inventory management, supply chains, and operations.
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