A practical look at how to build & run IoT business logic


Without automation, IoT solutions offer little more than visualisation dashboards and offline data analysis. As the popular saying goes, nobody really wants a drill, they want a hole in the wall. Similarly, nobody is really interested in the data from the IoT devices, what they ultimately want is specific actions to be taken, that are of particular value to them.
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Device Authority IoT Security Automotive Use Case


AI led Digital Transformation of Manufacturing: Time is NOW


As we evolve from pandemic to next normal world, 36% of manufacturers are already engaged on AI projects and 23% more have plans to use AI in coming months to unlock the anticipated trillions of dollars in value in industrial sectors. Based on the lessons learned during the pandemic they are all seeking the best way to achieve new levels of productivity, safety and agility by unlocking the AI driven insights from petabytes of data they harvest from their connected factories.
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How to Get Assets IoT Ready


There's gold in legacy devices—if you can reach it. Long-serving equipment, machines and systems may be the backbone of industrial manufacturing, but many if not most were built and installed in the years before today's on-board microprocessors and Ethernet or wireless network connections were available. It's this lack of data processing and connectivity that makes it difficult to access the useful data that many plant-floor devices contain. However, there are a few ways to overcome these obstacles, and take advantage of the insights and efficiencies this equipment can provide.
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What Were You Thinking? How the Brain of an AI/IoT System Processes Industrial Intelligence


Artificial intelligence and IoT technologies deliver more intelligent, automated solutions that help boost productivity and unlock new possibilities. If you’ve ever wondered how these systems “think” how they take the raw material of data and turn it into decisions – this fascinating virtual roundtable is for you! Join Nicola Rohrseitz, Artificial Intelligence Lead at Cisco Systems, SAS expert Diana Shaw and moderator Marcia Walker for a peek inside the mind of the machine to learn how artificial intelligence and IoT technologies "think."
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HFS Research

This groundbreaking webinar brought together a diverse panel of early leaders in IoT to share their experiences and insights into what it means to be innovative with IoT.
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