Build Interoperable Smart City Applications Effortlessly

SensorUp Inc.

This webinar will be a hands-on tutorial to use SensorThings API SDKs (e.g., SensorThings Arduino SDK, SensorThings Charts, SensorThings Maps, etc.) and develop an end-to-end smart city application with minimum coding efforts. You all helped make the series a huge success! We appreciate the questions and the discussion generated. We also appreciate the attendance from people all over the world! This time, we provided a Hands-on Tutorial Series about building smart cities applications with open geospatial IoT standard. The latest series started from August 04th, 2016 and ran each Thursday at 11am MT (1pm EST) for four weeks. Please find the links to all the recordings and all the slides, below. Each webinar recording and slide deck can be accessed below the description of the related webinar. Simply scroll for the webinar you want records for. Then, look below the description for the related links. You’ll also find some bonus code examples.
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Claire Penny, IBM Watson Internet of things, discusses how IOT will enable future cities as part of big data in the built environment.


Webinar: A New Supply Chain for a Smarter World – How IoT and Smart Devices are Changing the Interaction Between Suppliers and Customers


The proliferation of IoT and smart devices in all aspects of life presents companies with new opportunities and new ways of engaging with customers and consumers. Gartner predicts 2016 will see 6.4 billion IoT devices used around the world. A staggering number that offers value and opportunity for manufactures and global supply chain vendors.
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Monetize your IOT Investment with Salesforce and AWS


Organizations are using IoT to transform both internal- and customer-facing processes. However, it is difficult to add significant value without business intelligence, contextualization, and a platform that is accessible to business users. Salesforce IoT and AWS IoT enable you to securely connect a network of devices to your CRM to automate smart actions based on specific events. Easily build orchestrations using clicks, not code. Register for our on-demand webinar to learn how AWS and Salesforce can help you implement proactive services to drive customer satisfaction, using their joint IoT solution: file service cases before customers experience product issues, notify sales reps of upsell opportunities the moment they occur, engage devices in marketing automation, and much more.
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IoT Big Data Challenge Webinar


Are you ready for the IoT Big Data Challenge? Get started by watching this replay of the kick-off webinar then visit to register.
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Accelerating Service Revenue Growth with the IoT

As product companies seek growth beyond product sales and standard maintenance contracts, traditional manufacturers are finding that the Internet of Things is enabling a wave of business transformation focused on value-added, managed, and outcome-based services. The journey from product manufacturer to services/solution provider is one familiar to many. Traditionally, this entailed a progressive layering of service offerings above and beyond break/fix including professional (consulting, integration, etc), information-based, and outsourcing.
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