Common Attacks on IoT Devices

The importance of securing embedded devices has become clear to the whole industry as they started to play a bigger role in our daily lives in recent years. Up to now, it has been easy to compromise IoT devices such as vacuum robot, IP cameras, smart home devices, etc.
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AI & IoT at the cutting edge - when to move intelligence to the cloud and closer to the action

ADLINK Technology

Operational intelligence does not come just by connecting machines; it requires advanced analytics to sort the data and recommend a course of action. Many critical use cases at the edge can’t wait for the cloud. Instead, they demand insights and decisioning at the source, where the data is generated.
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Best practices for cellular IoT development

This webinar covers the main aspects and decisions to consider before and during the development phase of a low-power cellular Internet of Things (IoT) product. We cover different topics that are crucial for a successful cellular IoT application and decisions that can greatly impact the power consumption and performance of the end device.
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Connectivity for Competitive Edge in IoT

Iot Evolution World

Finding a competitive edge in any IoT vertical in the increasingly crowded market is ever-more important. In order to get that edge and drive new revenue though accelerating digital transformation, while ensuring that projects have the best chance at success, it is critical to understand how to get the right IoT connectivity for each deployment and how to navigate the rapidly evolving IoT landscape.
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Streamlining IT and OT Security Visibility and Controls with Forescout

Forescout has recently updated its multifaceted IT/OT network device visibility and control platform to enhance the product's long-standing reputation for handling network admission controls. In this review, SANS analyst and instructor Don Murdoch digs into the product's capabilities and explores these key areas: Watch this on-d
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