Connectivity for Competitive Edge in IoT

Iot Evolution World

Finding a competitive edge in any IoT vertical in the increasingly crowded market is ever-more important. In order to get that edge and drive new revenue though accelerating digital transformation, while ensuring that projects have the best chance at success, it is critical to understand how to get the right IoT connectivity for each deployment and how to navigate the rapidly evolving IoT landscape.
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Consumer intention to purchase devices and integrate them into home systems continues to be a growing trend across Western Europe...


IoT for Track & Trace, with Google Cloud and Maps (Cloud Next '18)


At Google Cloud Next 2018, our CEO Eric Conn discussed common transportation and asset tracking use cases and challenges. Watch this breakout session with Fraser Macdonald, Product Manager at Google Cloud, to discover how Google Cloud IoT, Google Maps, and WAN technologies such as LoRa and cellular come together to create scalable track and trace solutions.
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Simplifying IoT & AI with Market Ready solutions

Join Ingram Micro’s Rodrigo De Souza, Raffi Vartian from meldCX and Luis Benito Matias Igea from Microsoft in this webinar where they discuss about how they are simplifying IoT & AI with market-ready solutions. During this webinar you can learn about the IoT Accelerator program by Ingram Micro that provides support to cultivate repeatable business methodologies, validate technical designs and provide scalable go-to-market strategy. You can also gain insights into how meldCX through its vision analytics solution is building several use-cases by leveraging Ingram Micro, Azure IoT and Intel technology to improve customers’ experiences across various industries. This is an on-demand webinar.
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Leverage the IoT to Close Cases Faster


The Internet of Things (IoT) has created more ways to use data to make our lives easier, but it has also created more sources of digital intelligence for investigators to access in their criminal investigations. During this on-demand webinar, Mati Goldberg, Head of Cellebrite’s Forensic Research Group, discusses how investigators can leverage digital evidence from the Internet of Things to generate leads more quickly, interrogate suspects more effectively and formulate next steps in the case.
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The Internet of Things lacks the security Healthcare needs

CI Security

Security is an afterthought as IoT companies rush to market with the latest and the greatest device. Your healthcare environment likely includes devices with simple vulnerabilities you don't know about.
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