In this webinar, we will address the unique requirements of IoT projects and leverage the data captured to transform the new value chain. Designing and building IoT apps requires a unique skillset and the know-how that takes a team of experts years to perfect.
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Introduction to the Security for the Internet of Things


The proliferation of mobile devices, cheap radio sensors with microphones, cameras and transmitters means that Enterprise Airspace is under constant threat from a new generation of Internet connected devices. Data exfiltration whether by accident or on purpose has never been easier.
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Official Unveiling of the Global Survey Results – The Cellular IoT Connectivity Opportunity

The webinar also marks the launch of a new, free industry report, detailing the survey findings, impact and outlook for the cellular IoT sector, available to all webinar registrants. Join us on June 9th to be informed on enterprise attitudes towards cellular connectivity, with inputs on best practice from leading firms enabling use cases across the industry.
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LIVE DEMO: Using IoT to Improve Manufacturing

Software AG

Why is Software AG’s Cumulocity IoT Platform ranked #1 for IoT enablement and device management?And how is it achieving results for the world’s largest manufacturers, such as savings of $150m annually and reducing plant downtime by two-thirds?
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Leveraging Open and Modular Edge Computing to Accelerate Industrial IoT Solutions

Edge computing can help manufacturers make their products smarter to generate valuable insights. But until now, it's been a challenge to connect and manage embedded devices securely, avoid vendor lock-in and control the cost of equipment upgrades.
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