Come hear from two renowned experts in IoT and digital product design. Hosted by Mark Schindler, Managing Director of with special guest David Rose, author of Enchanted Objects: Design, Human Desire, and the Internet of Things, this 1-hour webinar will cover how IoT companies can succeed in a competitive marketplace. The success of any IoT product rides on the user experience. See examples of innovation at the intersection of IoT and UI/UX design, and learn from companies who struggled in the market, despite having advanced technology.
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The Internet of Things (IoT)—connected devices to collect and exchange data — presents a huge opportunity to drive cost efficiency and to improve safety into the supply chain. Know more about the IoT ecosystem !


Security and the Internet of Things Webinar


While exciting, the Internet of Things poses some unique security challenges that must be addressed. Originally delivered during the SC Magazine IoT eSymposium in July 2015, in this webinar we outline the security challenges in IoT and discuss how organizations can build a trusted foundation to secure IoT solutions. For more information
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Selling IoT to consumers


This webinar will focus on understanding the key trends in 2016 for the Internet of Things as it relates to each stage of the customer lifecycle. In each stage we will discuss the current market conditions as well as possible solutions to elevate the experience throughout the lifecycle.
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Why Bluetooth Audio Matters for Wireless Applications?

Sierra Wireless

What role will voice play in the future UX (user experience) of IoT? When designing or redesigning your Bluetooth devices, it’s important to understand the criteria to consider now and for the future. In this webinar, you will learn about Bluetooth audio and the different aspects to consider when designing your IoT application. Find out how to prepare your design as voice recognition becomes a “must have” feature in products of the future
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On-demand Webinar: Implementing Industrial IoT (Internet of Things) Yields Big Results

Implementing Industrial IoT yields big results for manufacturers if executed properly. Stable IoT platforms and knowledgeable implementation partners are the key to success. Listen to how Dell has used a strong history in manufacturing and value in partnership to build their IoT solutions partner ecosystem. IBM joins the conversation to share real examples of successful projects and how they were deployed.
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