Developing to Maximize the IoT Revolution

Polarion Corporation

You say you want a revolution? The promise of the Internet of Things (IoT) is the merger of software and hardware. Embedded Software and systems are being repurposed through connections with each other (machine-to-machine) and with you.
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How eSIM is forging a new future in IoT for the 2020s

A perspective and partnership from across the Industry. ST, Truphone and Digi-Key Electronics have come together to help businesses supercharge their IoT and break down the barriers to large-scale International IoT adoption. Exploring eSIM to supercharge your IoT Connectivity solution? Or simply want to learn more about why eSIM is one of the leading forces driving the global expansion of IoT.
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Understanding IoT Security: How to Quantify Security Risk of IoT Technologies


IoT devices are proliferating throughout corporate networks raising concerns about security risks they may introduce. However, IoT technologies differ in many ways from most enterprise-ready technologies that currently exist. Understanding the risks that IoT represents and how to best quantify that risk can be a challenge for many security leaders.
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Mitigating IoT Security Vulnerabilities with MQTT

IoT deployments carry inherent risks like undeterred access to devices, poor connectivity and a very large threat surface. With ever-increasing incidents of intrusion, denial of service, spoofing attacks, etc., businesses must take a strategic view of IoT security. IoT developers and Solutions Architects know that a solid security architecture for IoT will require encryption, authentication, and authorization to run at scale. However, today, IoT security needs a different paradigm than IT security – here is where MQTT comes in to help in mitigating IoT security vulnerabilities.
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Mobile Device Trends in the Internet of Things

Event 24

In the Internet of Things, there's no such thing as a mobile device that operates in isolation. And yet, mobile devices and apps are often marketed, sold, and bought as if they're independent products. Manufacturers and consumers alike need to think less in terms of "discrete product" and more of "interconnected systems." No one wants 50 different mobile apps to control 50 different things in their smart home or smart health environments. With IoT product manufacturers championing different communications protocols, the challenge is to enable one mobile app to control many devices.
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