Developing to Maximize the IoT Revolution

Polarion Corporation

You say you want a revolution? The promise of the Internet of Things (IoT) is the merger of software and hardware. Embedded Software and systems are being repurposed through connections with each other (machine-to-machine) and with you.
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Sam Lucero, senior principal analyst with IHS, talks to M2M Now about who is best placed to take IoT to mass consumer and corporate adoption, and how.


Cybersecurity Best Practices for IT/OT Networks

Moxa Inc

As more Industrial Control Networks become connected to enterprise networks and even the Internet, security continues to be a rising concern. These converged IT/OT networks introduce security vulnerabilities and challenges that operations managers are still learning to deal with. In this webinar, we share the most common cybersecurity issues with IT/OT networks, and the practical tips and best practices that have been developed to counter them.
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Powering servers and AI with ultra-efficient IPOL voltage regulators


The technology for applications such as server, communication and storage needs to continuously adapt to new requirements while ensuring energy efficiency. Infineon is committed to respond to these challenging market conditions by introducing its new family of OptiMOS™ 3A - 40A IPOL voltage regulators with superior efficiency to support a wide range of load currents and applications.
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Forrester: How to Get Value from IoT Analytics


You'll learn how breakaway companies are differentiating themselves in the digital age by integrating business information with IoT data to create better customer experiences and more efficient operations. How? By building integrated systems of insights that bring together the right people, processes, and analytics technology.
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Defending IoT Threats in the Enterprise

Pwnie Express

In the rush to deploy and reap the benefits of IoT, enterprise security pros are now presented with a new challenge less secure or unpatchable devices touching the network with expanded wireless connections. While IoT systems benefit enterprises with new capabilities, the technology also presents financial, safety and other risks.
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