Embedded Security Webinar: Overcoming Embedded Systems Challenges

Sensors Expo

Sensors and embedded systems are changing the way in which humanity interacts with and observes the universe. In order to make the IoT a reality, developers must overcome challenges such as sensor interface, data processing, low power design and most importantly, securing their devices. Securing an embedded system is not a trivial endeavor and possibly one of the most neglected and least understood areas of development. This Webinar provides a sneak preview of the full-day Pre-Conference Symposium that will be taking place at this year's Sensors Expo in San Jose. Attendees of this webinar will gain technical knowledge and tools to understand the importance of securing their embedded sensor systems.
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The IoT is revolutionizing industry. Equipment manufactures can now offer entirely new services to their customers, leading to more efficient operations.


Transforming Industrial Businesses with the Internet of Things


The Industrial Internet of things (IIoT) is set to revolutionize entire industries, from high tech (including computers and electronics) to medical technology.
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How Can Edge Computing and IoT Transform Your Business?


The infinite computing power of cloud is creating new business models and driving operational efficiencies in every sector. But how can you extend cloud capabilities to the edge? Join this webinar for real-world examples of how AWS customers are exploiting both IoT data and the power of the cloud. We'll also discuss how you can deploy analytics and machine learning at the edge through AWS building blocks such as AWS Greengrass and Amazon Sagemaker.
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IoT Security Automation for Connected Surveillance Cameras.

Device Authority

The DDoS attack carried out by hackers using tens of millions of unprotected IoT devices has presented what security pros have known for a long time: IoT devices are vulnerable to attacks. In this attack, millions of webcams were unknowingly recruited to conduct the attack on major ISPs. Many of these webcams are now being recalled.
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Deriving Analytic Insights from Machine Data and IoT Sensors

Teradata, Hortonworks

Hadoop and The Internet of Things has enabled data driven companies to leverage new data sources and apply new analytical techniques in creative ways that provide competitive advantage. Beyond clickstream data, companies are finding transformational insights stemming from machine data and telemetry that are radically improving operational efficiencies and yielding new actionable customer insights. We will discuss real world case studies from the field that describe the strategies, architectures, and results from forward thinking Fortune 500 organizations across a variety of verticals, including insurance, healthcare, media & entertainment, communications, and manufacturing.
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