Facing the Challenges of M2M Security and Privacy


3rd in a series of 4 webcasts introducing oneM2M, the global standards initiative for machine to machine communications and the Internet of Things. Join us for each webcast between now and end November for an in-depth overview of oneM2M, the standards it has developed, and find out why oneM2M will be key to the sustainable development of the Internet of Things.
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Best Practices for Continuous Testing of IoT Products


Today, connected products and IoT platforms deliver immersive experiences throughout customer, partner and employee engagements. However, adding connectivity to traditional products has its own challenges. The underlining fact is many manufacturers (OEMs) are not prepared to address all complexities involved with adding connectivity to their products.
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IoT with Cloud: A win-win strategy


Internet of Things (IoT) is the phenomena that everyone’s been talking about lately. This technology has recently gained significant traction among consumers and businesses due to its rapid expansion, adaptability, ingenuity, and scope. On the other hand, Cloud Computing provides on-demand, convenient and scalable network access which makes it possible to share computing resources; enabling dynamic data integration from various data sources. When these two revolutionary technologies come together, there will be countless new possibilities for managing data and services, analysing the data and so much more.
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Expert Panel: How IoT Enabled Asset Tracking Drives Transformation


Where are my assets? IoT is enabling secure tracking of moving assets throughout the supply chain. Knowing where things are at any given time or any place is critical to transforming business operations – reducing theft and loss, saving time and money, and improving operational efficiency. But what technology is required to enable this business transformation? How do you make sense of it all and choose the best option for your IoT initiative? Should you build or buy?
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Building AI-based smart voice solutions using PSoC™ 6, XENSIV™ and Picovoice


Voice is fast becoming the preferred way of communication with our smart devices throughout our daily lives. This session will be showcasing how you can implement AI based, local voice solutions using the PSoC™ 6 and XENSIV™ hardware platform with the Picovoice software platform. We will be walking through a full flow where we will prototype a voice product using Picovoice Console and ModusToolbox™ on a PSoC™ 6 + XENSIV™ development platform to demonstrate local voice.
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