Higher Revenues and Customer Experience With the Right IoT Platform

Ayla Networks

From boosting efficiency to reducing costs and gaining a competitive edge, IoT is widely seen as the future for manufactured products. While it is an enormous leap for manufacturers to go from producing traditional standalone products to ones that connect to the internet, the end result is that you must deliver a superior user experience throughout the product Lifecyle.
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More than 50% of manufacturing companies have initiated IoT projects in order to achieve the benefits of monitored automation.


IoT in Mining: Current Capabilities & Future Pathways


IoT is turning mining into a safer and more productive industry. The technology involves connecting machines, fleet and people with sensor technologies that transfers and receive data over a network.The Mining Task Group of the Industrial Internet Consortium is hosting a series of educational webinars on the challenges and opportunities provided by the Industrial Internet.
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Smartening up the City: New technologies promise a breakthrough for efforts to improve urban living

InterDigital Communications

As the world becomes more and more urban, mayors and municipalities are striving to make their cities smarter. In theory at least, information and communications technologies can keep traffic moving, detect and prevent crime, monitor the condition of roads, lighting, parks and other urban infrastructure and efficiently allocate public resources.
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Neo Breaking the IoT Logjam

Aeris Communications

This webinar recording outlines new opportunities in the M2M/IoT marketplace presented by Neo, the online, self-service connectivity portal powered by Aeris.
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IoT is Smart for Your Buildings - How to Revolutionize Building Performance


Join Microsoft’s IoT In Action Smart Building Webinar to learn about Azure Digital Twins, the new Azure IoT platform for any spatial intelligence scenario, including Smart Buildings. You’ll see the many exciting possibilities when IoT is applied to buildings and gain insights into how existing data from existing equipment can make buildings operate better, save you money and find new business opportunities. You won’t want to miss learning about how Microsoft and Datahoist are leading the smart building and digital transformation initiatives with Azure IoT!
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