How Can Edge Computing and IoT Transform Your Business?


The infinite computing power of cloud is creating new business models and driving operational efficiencies in every sector. But how can you extend cloud capabilities to the edge? Join this webinar for real-world examples of how AWS customers are exploiting both IoT data and the power of the cloud. We'll also discuss how you can deploy analytics and machine learning at the edge through AWS building blocks such as AWS Greengrass and Amazon Sagemaker.
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This video demonstrates the multi-domain test capabilities of Rohde & Schwarz oscilloscopes.


What IoT Is Doing for the Electrical Industry and What It Can Do for You


On Feb. 13, 2019, join Tom Cunningham of Legrand for a quick examination of the IoT and how its increasing demand is affecting the electrical industry. Dive into trends and buzzwords, while exploring the impact of popular voice assistants like Alexa and Google to better understand the recent evolution of smart lighting devices. Lastly, this training will help translate the implications of the IoT into real future opportunities for you, as smarter electrical wiring devices become mainstream.
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The connected world and IoT


As of 2017, there are more than 10 billion connected things and a services market of USD$2 billion generated by the Internet of Things (IoT.) Five years from now, experts predict the one quarter of a million connected cars will be on the road. Gartner predicts a market of nearly US$300 billion from IoT products.
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Mitigating Security Risks When Designing IoT Applications

The ever-growing ecosystem of connected devices inevitably brings additional security risks to enterprises. With this in mind, what should you consider to secure your business systems in an increasingly connected world?
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IoT Application from the field to the cloud using Toradex Embedded Solutions and Microsoft Azure IoT Platform


The advancement of the Internet of Things brings a brand new multidisciplinary challenge. Several teams need to communicate simultaneously in order to turn this IoT scenario into a reality. Sending data to the web is a widespread technology, yet new challenges are emerging as the number of devices is growing exponentially. A few examples of these challenges are: data security, communication standards, and how to extract relevant information from such a large amount of data.
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