IIoT Data is Useless -- How Actionable Insights Gleaned from Data are Critical to Your Digital Transformation

Clockwork Solutions

Modern, interconnected machines generate mountains of data. Likewise, business leaders are being charged with capitalizing on current and legacy data to optimize their processes. But data alone is not enough. Data is merely the ingredient that when properly analyzed can lead to insights that propel one business over its competitors.
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The Internet of Things (IoT) is a global industry movement that brings together people, process, data, and things...


Product Agility and Flexible Monetisation for Industrial IoT Solutions

IoT now

In this webinar, Flexera will discuss which factors lead to successful IoT monetisation Define your business model. The first step is to define your new IoT business model. Its successful execution depends on whether all the prerequisites have been fulfilled. Security and an effective licensing model play a critical role.
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On-demand Webinar: How ready is your Edge infrastructure for the high-velocity demands of the IoT?

Datacenter dynamics

The global digital transformation of business is gaining velocity across all economic sectors. And Digital Transformation happens, primarily, at the Edge. It’s what enables, accelerates, supports, and secures IoT (including the Industrial IoT) programs and initiatives. From digital devices to autonomous vehicles and drones, cloud and network Edge compute technologies are increasingly bandwidth intensive, and latency and security sensitive.
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On Demand Webinar: Orchestrating Identities Across the Internet of Things


Identity management is more than a singular thing and no longer about one person, system or thing. It is a symphony of interactions between people, systems, things, and devices with separate identities that will require a conductor to orchestrate into a coherent data stream.
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Webinar: IoT Opportunities for Security Industry Suppliers, on demand

Josh Gordon Group

I hosted a great webinar on opportunities for security industry suppliers in the Internet of Things. I had two fantastic guest speakers: Martin Gren, a true IoT pioneer who invented the world's first networked security camera, and Todd Baker who heads product management for Cisco's IOx product line, which specifically targets IoT applications. Special thanks to the Security Industry Association for sponsoring the event.
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