IIoT in Action: Practical Steps & Technologies to Make IIoT a Reality Now

Schneider Electric

Industrial Internet, IIoT and Industry 4.0 are no longer about the future, but rather what you can do now. Internet-enabled technologies are converging to enrich industrial applications, advancing new solutions that optimize processes and investments.
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We identified a set of high potential use cases that combine higher benefits with a shorter payback time. By focusing on these use cases, organizations will be in a better position to drive greater value from their Industrial IoT investments.


IoT Product Design: Don’t Make It Easy for the Hackers


Inherent to connected products is their ability to work with other connected products, providing increased functionality to the user. But as more products are connected within the ecosystem along with adding remote functionality, the risk to leaving your IoT product vulnerable to cyber-attacks is compounded.
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Manage Security of Your IoT Devices with AWS IoT Device Defender


Helping you manage the security of your IoT fleet is a top priority for AWS. During this tech talk, we will show you how AWS IoT Device Defender works with AWS IoT Core, AWS IoT Device Management and AWS best practices to audit device fleets, detect abnormal device behavior, and respond to security alerts. We will explain how customers are using AWS IoT Device Defender to manage compliance, support security best practices, evaluate their attack surface, and complete threat impact assessments. Come away understanding how to spot insecure device configurations and how to set up metrics that can be used to spot a DDoS and botnet attacks.
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IoT: Smart Devices and Data-Driven Services

Ayla Networks

This webcast examines how smart device makers, IoT cloud platforms, and analytics services can team up to deliver more data-driven value. According to Parks Associates, roughly half of consumers are willing to share data from smart devices for discounts on electricity.
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Securing the Internet of Things


The Internet of Things (IoT) is changing how both operational and strategic security decisions are executed. IoT devices will increase the size of the threat landscape by orders of magnitude over the next decade. The complexity of IoT devices is multiplying the difficulties of security in every aspect of the enterprise. As IoT devices bridge the gap between the logic and physical there are real world risks and ramifications to human life along with the impact on our digital assets.
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