Internet of Things: eHealth

DLA Piper

The eHealth market is expected to generate massive revenues in the next few years, becoming a major component of the Internet of Things. However, such growth may be hampered by regulatory restrictions and liabilities that arise from rules drafted before eHealth existed. DLA Piper’s Internet of Things group held the fifth session in our series of one-hour webinars focusing on eHealth. In this session, we provided an overview of the legal issues surrounding the development of eHealth technologies in the United States, Europe and Australia and what multinational companies need to know in order to market their products worldwide.
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Lots of people think we’ll have flying cars. Lots of people believe humans will stop talking with each other. Lots think that everything from our time will be different.


The Evolution of Connected IoT for Utilities


More and more utilities realize that IoT adoption can lead not only to growth but also survival in a constantly changing environment. Those organizations that adapt to these changes will ultimately provide a better level of service to customers and a more cost-effective, reliable energy source. Unfortunately, those organizations that don’t adapt will be left behind.
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IoT M2M Council

This FREE webinar will cover the cutting-edge issues surrounding systems implementation for IoT, including. The Edge: the mass deployment of sensors (sensorization) has given birth to predictive analytics, sometimes known as "Pattern of Life" (PoL) analysis, which gather data on past and current performance of machines to predict future behavior.
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Information Overload – The IoT, Big Data, and Next-Generation Storage

Ayla Networks

Projections on the number of “smart” devices on the planet in 2020 range into the tens of billions, which leaves one big question: What happens to all that Big Data? As exabytes, zettabytes, and yottabytes of memory begins to enter the lexicon, find out what storage experts have planned for archiving the tidal wave of IoT information generated every day.
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How can you reduce IoT development cost risk?

IoT Now

From healthcare to building control systems to vehicle telematic systems, the IoT focuses on how connected devices can become more intelligent, enhance interoperability with other devices, systems and services, and drive timely decisions while delivering real business return for all.
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