Internet of Things (IoT) for Agriculture


Internet of Things (IoT) - networks of objects that communicate with other objects through Internet - holds potential to transform today's agriculture by enabling more precise resources management through low-cost sensors and generating large amount of data for effective decision-making.
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Nine in ten in this sector agree that effective loT can lift their organization head and shoulders above their competition.


How to Achieve Agile, Global Connectivity for your IoT Services

Beecham Research Ltd

To grow your IoT services, you need to know that you can confidently deploy devices, anywhere in the world. You need a global connectivity partner that reduces the complexity of IoT, offers rapid activation and on-boarding, while managing costs. Understand how to achieve flexible, global connectivity, with complete visibility of your devices. JT’s IoT SIM platform provides complete, flexible connectivity to ensure successful global deployment, activation and operation of your IoT devices.
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Webinar: Introducing an IoT-based asset health scoring tool


Want a better picture of asset health to help predict and prevent equipment failure? Combine asset management with IoT and analytics to minimize unscheduled downtime, avoid costly equipment issues with predictive maintenance and derive actionable insights from your data with IBM Maximo Asset Health Insights.
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Multi-domain Debugging of embedded IoT Devices

Rohde & Schwarz

Internet of Things (IoT) devices combine multiple functional cores in highly integrated wireless embedded designs and face often challenging long-term battery live time requirement. This video demonstrates on an example M2M IoT device the Multi-domain test capabilities of the R&S®RTO oscilloscope.
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Transitioning IoT Infrastructure: From Networks of People to Networks of Things

451 Research

Networks are changing. With the vast expansion of IoT, we're experiencing the transition of enterprise and operator infrastructure from networks of people to networks of people, places and things. Join Christian Renaud, Research Director, IoT at 451 Research, as he looks at the impacts of the growing number of instrumented environments and objects on enterprise and carrier networks, capacities, signaling protocols, and emerging opportunities for value creation beyond simple connectivity.
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